Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Urgent Tsunami Warning Issued in Japan Following Powerful Earthquake


Waves as High as Five Metres Expected to Impact Coastal Areas

Tokyo, Japan — An immediate tsunami warning has been issued in Japan in the aftermath of a formidable 7.4-magnitude earthquake striking Noto, Ishikawa, on the west coast on New Year’s Day. The seismic activity reverberated across much of northern and central Japan, including Kanto and Tokyo, leading to power outages in the capital.

Residents in coastal areas are being urgently advised to evacuate as waves reaching up to five metres are anticipated, according to reports from major Japanese news outlet NHK. The Ishikawa district is under a significant tsunami warning, with residents being instructed: “Very high waves are approaching the coasts. Evacuate immediately. Waves can hit repeatedly. Continue to evacuate until all warnings are lifted.”

Tsunami warnings have been extended to Niigata, Toyama, Yamagata, Fukui, and Hyogo along the Japan Sea coast. Advisories cover the entire west coast of the country.

This is a developing news story, and further updates will be provided shortly. Please check back for the latest information.

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