Japan Issues Tsunami Alerts Following Series of Powerful Quakes in Western Regions

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Tokyo, Japan — On Monday, Japan took swift action by issuing tsunami alerts in the wake of a series of robust earthquakes that rattled western areas. The Japan Meteorological Agency reported a significant quake striking Ishikawa and neighboring prefectures, with one of them registering a preliminary magnitude of 7.4.

The Japanese public broadcaster NHK TV issued a stern warning, cautioning the public about the potential for torrents of water to surge as high as 5 meters (16.5 feet). Urgent advice was given, urging residents to evacuate to higher ground or seek refuge on the top floors of nearby buildings as rapidly as possible.

As of now, reports detailing the extent of damage caused by the earthquakes are not immediately available. Authorities are closely monitoring the situation and providing updates as the events unfold.

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