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TRUMP ACCUSES VIVEK OF BEING “SLY” AND “DECEITFUL” “…all he does is disguise his support in the form of deceitful campaign tricks.” “A vote for Vivek is a vote for the ‘other side.’” Does Trump see Vivek as a credible threat?

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Trump Publicly Criticizes Ramaswamy Ahead of Iowa Caucuses

In a surprising turn of events just two days before the Iowa caucuses, former President Donald Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to publicly criticize Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. The critique, a departure from their previously friendly relationship on the campaign trail, accused Ramaswamy of resorting to “deceitful campaign tricks.” Trump expressed disappointment in Ramaswamy’s recent campaign tactic involving shirts that read ‘Save Trump, Vote Vivek.’ The criticism, a first from Trump and his team, signaled a shift in their dynamics.

Controversy Over ‘Save Trump, Vote Vivek’ Shirts

The criticism arose from the distribution of shirts by Ramaswamy’s campaign bearing the slogan ‘Save Trump, Vote Vivek.’ Trump denounced this move, claiming that a vote for Ramaswamy was, in fact, a vote for the “other side” and urged his supporters not to be misled. Senior Trump campaign advisor Chris LaCivita went further, labeling the claim a “fraud.” Ramaswamy responded by reiterating his respect for Trump but stood firm on his assertion that Trump’s political enemies were plotting to eliminate him from the race.

Ramaswamy’s Strategic Defense and Concerns for Trump

Despite the public spat, Ramaswamy refrained from engaging in “friendly fire,” expressing concern for Trump and the country. He emphasized his unwavering support for Trump, citing various instances where he stood in solidarity with the former president. Ramaswamy voiced worries about a concerted effort to keep Trump away from the White House, alleging a plot to narrow the GOP field between Trump and Nikki Haley. He urged voters to “open their eyes” and resist falling into the trap of a manipulated two-horse race.

Ramaswamy’s America-First Pitch and Trump’s Changing Tone

On the campaign trail, Ramaswamy positioned himself as the best of both worlds for Trump-leaning voters – combining business acumen with a deep understanding of the Constitution. Despite the recent rift, Ramaswamy’s commitment to the “America First” movement remained steadfast. Trump, who had previously praised Ramaswamy, now presented a different tone, accusing him of deceit and questioning his MAGA credentials. The timing of these criticisms, just before the Iowa caucuses, adds a layer of complexity to the unfolding political drama.

Ramaswamy made headlines by pledging to remove himself from Colorado’s Republican primary ballot in solidarity with Trump, following the state’s Supreme Court ruling against him. He filed an amicus brief challenging the decision and expressed doubt about Trump’s legal representation. Despite the tension, Ramaswamy, often asked about being Trump’s running mate, humorously suggested considering Trump as his VP pick or adviser, aiming to learn from the former president’s experience.

Ramaswamy’s Warning Against Falling into a Trap

In response to Trump’s criticism, Ramaswamy issued a stern warning about potential manipulation within the GOP race. He urged voters not to play into the game of narrowing the field to Trump and Haley, asserting that billionaires were funding lawsuits against Trump to promote Nikki Haley as a puppet candidate. Ramaswamy called on the public to prevent the elimination of Trump from the contest, emphasizing the need to save both Trump and the country from what he perceived as a looming threat.

Ramaswamy’s America-First Movement and Historical Perspective

Closing his response, Ramaswamy emphasized that the “America First” movement did not begin in 2016 but had its roots in 1776. He stressed the importance of carrying this movement forward, attributing it to the Founding Fathers and advocating for the right course for the country. The lengthy statement aimed to clarify Ramaswamy’s position, portraying him as a defender of Trump, the Constitution, and the broader ideals of the “America First” movement. As the Iowa caucuses approached, the public exchange highlighted the evolving dynamics within the Republican race.

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