Will Democrats Regret Skipping the Open Convention? Bill Maher Says Yes.

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Biden’s Age in the Spotlight: Is it Time for a New Democratic Face?

The recent Democratic presidential primary debate has reignited discussions about President Biden’s age and its impact on his candidacy. While some have urged against making "Biden-is-old" jokes, the author argues that ignoring the obvious is neither responsible nor productive. The author believes Biden’s performance at the debate, marked by gaffes and diminished vigor, has highlighted a critical point: a new, fresh face could be just what the Democrats need to invigorate their base and compete with the incumbent Donald Trump.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author believes Biden’s declining energy and mental acuity, as demonstrated during the debate, are undeniable. He argues that dismissing these issues is akin to "mindlessly echoing mendacious talking points."
  • **The author suggests a convention-style competition for the Democratic nomination would inject

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