New Book Paints Trump as Wounded, Forgetful and Hung Up on Hollywood

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"Apprentice in Wonderland" Reveals a Troubled, TV-Obsessed Donald Trump

The new book, "Apprentice in Wonderland: How Donald Trump and Mark Burnett Took America Through the Looking Glass," offers a glimpse into the mind of Donald Trump during a vulnerable time, just months after the Capitol riot and his departure from the White House. Author Ramin Setoodeh, an entertainment journalist, paints a picture of a man deeply nostalgic for the simpler days of his reality TV success and seemingly more interested in celebrity gossip than American politics. The book suggests that while Trump may have been sharper during his "Apprentice" days, he now struggles with short-term memory and is preoccupied with a fading sense of fame.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Troubled Mind: Setoodeh’s book suggests that Trump is grappling with cognitive decline, displaying short-term memory issues and a seeming disconnect from current events.
  • Obsessed with Celebrity: Trump’s interviews reveal a lingering fascination with celebrity culture, with a focus on his own image and the gossip surrounding his former “Apprentice” cast members.
  • Nostalgia for Reality TV: The book highlights Trump’s intense nostalgia for his "Apprentice" days, suggesting it was a simpler, more comfortable time for him.
  • The Power of Ratings: Trump’s perspective on show business centers around the importance of ratings, revealing a cynical view of the entertainment industry and his own success within it.
  • Ignoring Criticism: Setoodeh notes that Trump harbors long-held grievances towards anyone who criticizes him, except for Mark Burnett, the producer of “The Apprentice,” who he credits with his initial success.

A Glimpse into Trump’s Troubled psyche:

"Apprentice in Wonderland" offers a unique and disturbing look into the psyche of a man who has always reveled in the spotlight. Setoodeh’s book depicts an individual who appears to be struggling with the reality of his post-presidency life, seeking solace in the past while showing an inability to fully grasp the present.

Trump’s obsession with his "Apprentice" days reveals a yearning for a simpler time when his focus was solely on becoming a successful entertainer. His constant references to his celebrity status and his penchant for gossip about former cast members highlight a yearning for the validation he received during those years.

While Trump may have been a powerful figure during his presidency, the book suggests that he now faces a sense of diminishing power and influence. This is further supported by his struggles with memory and his disconnect from current events, which are repeatedly demonstrated throughout Setoodeh’s interviews. The book shows a man grappling with the changing landscape of his own identity, unsure of where he fits in a world that no longer readily embraces his brand of celebrity.

Setoodeh’s work also highlights Trump’s cynicism and shrewdness. Despite his nostalgia for "The Apprentice," Trump reveals a calculating understanding of the entertainment industry, emphasizing the importance of ratings and acknowledging the power of public perception, even when it comes at the cost of decency. This starkly contrasts with his previous attempts to portray himself as a man of moral standing.

The book’s most concerning aspect is perhaps its depiction of Trump’s cognitive decline. Setoodeh’s observations go beyond mere forgetfulness, suggesting a deeper struggle with comprehension and memory. These observations are further validated by Trump’s spokesperson, Steven Cheung, who claims Trump was "aware" of the journalist but dismissed Setoodeh as “insignificant.”

The Significance of "Apprentice in Wonderland":

Beyond the gossipy aspects of the book, Setoodeh’s work serves as a reminder of the complexities and vulnerabilities of a man who has often projected an image of invincibility. "Apprentice in Wonderland," despite its focus on a bygone era, offers valuable insights into the current state of American politics. It exposes the enduring power of Trump’s past, revealing how it continues to shape his present and potentially his future.

The book also serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of celebrity culture and the thin line between entertainment and reality. It highlights the lengths to which individuals will go for the illusion of fame, and how this can ultimately lead to a distorted sense of self and reality.

The book’s release has predictably provoked sharp reactions, with Trump’s campaign attacking Setoodeh and threatening to release audio clips of the interviews. This reveals a desperate attempt to control the narrative and paint a more favorable image of Trump, highlighting his vulnerability and his fear of being publicly exposed for his shortcomings.

"Apprentice in Wonderland" is not merely a gossipy exposé of Trump’s private life, but a critical examination of his character and his relationship with the public. It provides much-needed insight into the motivations and complexities of a figure who has profoundly impacted American politics and continues to exert influence despite his defeat.

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