‘Make Millions Before Grandma Dies’ Brings Tears to Southeast Asia

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A Thai Movie About Family, Loss, and Regret Is Stirring Up Emotions Across Southeast Asia

A Thai film, "How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies", has become a viral sensation, triggering a wave of tears and reflections among viewers across Southeast Asia. The film explores the complex dynamics of a Thai-Chinese family grappling with the impending death of their matriarch. Audiences, resonating with the film’s depiction of familial relationships, grief, and regret, have taken to social media to share their emotional experiences, solidifying the movie’s status as a cultural phenomenon.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Story That Hits Home: "How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies" has struck a chord with viewers across Southeast Asia due to its relatable portrayal of familial relationships, particularly the bond between grandchildren and grandparents.
  • Emotional Outpouring: The film has sparked widespread emotional reactions, with viewers sharing tear-filled videos and heartfelt reflections on their own family dynamics.
  • Unconventional Success: The movie’s success is particularly noteworthy in Thailand, where horror and comedy films typically dominate the box office.
  • Global Recognition: "How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies" has garnered international attention, securing a spot at the prestigious New York Asian Film Festival.

Behind the Tears:

The film revolves around M, an aimless young man who reluctantly agrees to care for his terminally ill grandmother, Ah Ma. His initial motivation is purely selfish: he hopes to inherit her house. However, as he spends time with Ah Ma and witnesses the dynamics within his extended family, M begins to confront his own shortcomings and the complexities of his relationships.

Exploring Familial Tensions:

"How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies" delves into the inherent tensions that arise within families facing the loss of a loved one. The film also sheds light on lingering gender biases, as exemplified by the poignant line, "Sons inherit the house, daughters inherit cancer." The grandmother’s character, portrayed by the first-time actress Usha Seamkhum, is initially portrayed as tough and brusque, but beneath the exterior lies a woman deeply in love with her family, grappling with loneliness.

Beyond the Screen:

The film has prompted viewers to reflect on their own relationships with family members. Many, like Diana Setiawati, who watched the movie in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, found themselves reaching out to their own mothers, recognizing the preciousness of their bond. Ian Jeevan, a financial consultant in Singapore, shared a TikTok video of himself choked up, expressing his desire to hug his grandmother. The film’s impact extends beyond the theater, prompting meaningful conversations and actions within families across Southeast Asia.

Beyond Expectations:

The movie’s director, Pat Boonnitipat, a self-taught filmmaker, drew inspiration from his own experiences with his grandmother and his Cantonese mother’s extended family. The film’s authenticity resonated with audiences, exceeding expectations, particularly in Malaysia, where Shirley Low, chief marketing officer of Golden Screen Cinemas, acknowledged the film’s unforeseen impact: "There was no way we would ever foresee the conversations around it."

A Global Phenomenon:

"How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies" has achieved international recognition, securing a spot at the New York Asian Film Festival. This speaks volumes about the film’s universal themes of family, loss, and regret, proving its ability to resonate with audiences across cultural boundaries.

The film’s triumph underscores the power of authentic storytelling to connect with audiences on a deeply personal level. It serves as a reminder of the importance of cherishing family relationships, especially in the face of loss. With its emotional impact and cultural resonance, "How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies" stands as a powerful testament to the universality of human connection and the enduring legacy of family ties.

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