A Rare White Buffalo Calf Arrives in Yellowstone With a Message

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The White Buffalo Calf: A Sacred Symbol and a Call to Action

The birth of a white buffalo calf in Yellowstone National Park has ignited a wave of excitement and spiritual reflection among the Lakota people, who believe the event fulfills a prophecy and signifies a spiritual awakening. Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the spiritual leader of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Oyate, sees the calf’s birth as a sacred symbol but also as a warning that humanity must unite and act as better stewards of the planet.

Key Takeaways

  • The white buffalo calf, named Wakan Gli, "Comes Holy/Returns Sacred," is a deeply symbolic event for the Lakota people. The birth fulfills a prophecy tied to the White Buffalo Calf Woman, a figure of great importance in Lakota mythology, who appeared to them over 3,000 years ago bearing a sacred pipe and teaching them the path to peace and harmony.
  • The prophecy warns of a time when the white buffalo calf would return to Earth, a time when the planet is struggling and needs healing. Chief Looking Horse connects this to the ongoing climate crisis and the need for global unity to combat it.
  • The white buffalo calf signifies a crossroads for humanity. We are presented with a stark choice between continuing down a path of environmental destruction and societal division or embarking on a journey towards peace, harmony, and a sustainable future.
  • The near-annihilation of the bison in the 19th century serves as a stark reminder of the destruction humans can inflict upon the natural world. The killing of the buffalo, a critical part of Native American cultures and livelihoods, was driven by racist ideology and greed and serves as a cautionary tale about the impact of unchecked human activity.

A Prophetic Warning

The Lakota believe that the white buffalo calf’s return is a sign that the Earth is struggling. Chief Looking Horse points to the climate crisis as evidence of this struggle, warning that the Earth is "sick and has a fever." He believes that the prophecy speaks of the white buffalo calf bringing a message of peace and harmony, a message desperately needed in our times.

The white buffalo calf is not the first born in recent times. In 1994, a white buffalo calf was born in Wisconsin, coinciding with the emergence of the climate crisis as a global issue. Chief Looking Horse, who serves as the 19th keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe and Bundle, considers these births as prophetic warnings, urging humanity to take action before it is too late.

The Importance of the Bison

The bison, or buffalo, holds deep spiritual and cultural significance for many Native American tribes. It was a central part of their lives, providing food, shelter, tools, and clothing. The near extinction of the bison in the 19th century, fueled by the expansion of European settlers and their desire to eradicate Native American culture, caused immense devastation for these communities.

The white buffalo calf’s birth in Yellowstone is seen as a beacon of hope, a sign that the bison, a symbol of resilience and survival, is making a comeback. However, Chief Looking Horse also emphasizes that this comeback is a call to action. We must learn from the past and recognize that our actions have consequences for the natural world and all its inhabitants.

A Call to Unity

The white buffalo calf’s birth is a reminder that the time for action is now. We stand at a crossroads, a choice between continuing down a destructive path or adopting a more sustainable and equitable approach. Chief Looking Horse urges us to embrace unity and recognize the intrinsic value of Mother Earth.

His message resonates strongly in a world facing a multitude of challenges, from rising inequality to climate change. The white buffalo calf, with its symbolic weight, offers a powerful reminder that the fate of humanity is intertwined with the fate of the planet. It’s a call to prioritize peace, harmony, and a conscious relationship with the natural world.

The birth of the white buffalo calf is a significant moment for the Lakota people, a sign of hope and a call to action. It’s a reminder that we are not separate from nature but are part of an interconnected web of life. As Chief Looking Horse says, "Mother Earth is a source of life, not a resource." The time to act as responsible stewards of the Earth is now.

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