Tengo untangles the messy world of public sector procurement with AI

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Tengo: Streamlining Public Tenders with AI

In the vast and often complex world of public tenders, finding, evaluating, and responding to opportunities can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Enter Tengo, a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform leveraging the power of AI to revolutionize how companies navigate the public tender landscape.

Imagine a world where companies can easily access and analyze thousands of public tenders with just a few clicks, identify relevant opportunities in seconds, and generate compelling applications with the help of AI. This is the vision Tengo brings to life, aiming to unlock the massive potential of public procurement for businesses of all sizes.

The Public Tender Landscape: A Hidden Treasure Trove

For businesses looking to expand their reach and secure new contracts, public tenders present a significant untapped market. In France alone, over 200 platforms host public tenders, representing an estimated €500 million in government spending every single day. This expenditure covers a wide range of goods and services, from infrastructure projects like roundabouts to educational resources like school chairs and training programs.

Despite the vast opportunities, navigating the tender process can be a daunting challenge. The intricate nature of public procurement, coupled with the voluminous documentation and stringent requirements, often deters businesses from participating. Many companies rely on freelancers or consulting firms to handle this complex process, adding further costs and potentially decreasing efficiency.

Tengo: Empowering Businesses to Unlock the Potential of Public Procurement

Tengo, born from the innovative startup studio Hexa, recognizes the need for a streamlined and intelligent approach to public tenders. Their platform simplifies the entire value chain, empowering businesses to efficiently identify, analyze, and respond to opportunities.

Key Features of Tengo:

  1. Intelligent Tender Discovery: Customers start by defining specific criteria for the types of tenders they wish to explore. Tengo then scans all major public procurement platforms, leveraging its AI algorithms to pinpoint relevant opportunities based on defined filters.
  2. Automated Document Analysis: Public tenders are often presented in lengthy and detailed documents, requiring careful parsing. Tengo’s AI engine swiftly analyzes these documents, identifying crucial aspects within the tender specifications, highlighting key elements, and even referencing relevant pages for easy access.
  3. Centralized Tender Management: The platform acts as a single hub for all things related to public tenders. Companies can easily manage their applications, track progress, share information with team members, add comments, and receive timely alerts for pending deadlines.
  4. AI-Powered Application Generation: To further streamline the process, Tengo integrates AI features for generating compelling application documents. This eliminates the need for businesses to rely on separate platforms for content creation, simplifying the submission process.
  5. Collaborative Bidding: Tengo envisions a future where multiple companies can collaborate and submit joint applications for public tenders. This fosters a network of strategic partnerships, enabling smaller businesses to access opportunities they might not otherwise be able to secure.

Early Success and Future Vision

Since its launch, Tengo has attracted a growing number of clients, including prominent names like OpenClassrooms, Citron, Theodo, and Carrefour Pro. While still in its early stages, the platform has demonstrated its potential to transform the public procurement landscape.

The company envisions a future where its intelligent solutions empower thousands of businesses to navigate the complex world of public tenders with ease. With its focus on collaboration, accessibility, and efficiency, Tengo aims to unlock the vast potential of public procurement for businesses of all sizes, ultimately contributing to a more dynamic and inclusive economic landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tengo is a cutting-edge SaaS platform leveraging AI to simplify public tender processes.
  • The platform offers intelligent tender discovery, automated document analysis, centralized management, and AI-powered application generation.
  • Tengo aims to empower businesses to access and secure public procurement opportunities with greater efficiency and collaborative capabilities.
  • Early success stories showcase the platform’s potential to unlock the vast potential of public procurement.


"In France, the Government spends half a billion euros every day — the Government in a broad sense, including ministries, regions, departments, parapublic agencies, cities, etc. In concrete terms, it’s roundabouts, school chairs or a training service." – Hugues Renou, co-founder and CEO of Tengo

"Tenders for training courses are published in every day. However, they are only interested in training courses that are 100% online." – Hugues Renou, on Tengo’s ability to filter specific criteria for clients like OpenClassrooms.

“The Government encourages SMEs to bid for public contracts, because they have a level of expertise that big companies don’t, but also because it’s a way to use public money to fund many more companies in the economy.” – Hugues Renou, highlighting the potential of Tengo to empower smaller businesses.

As Tengo continues to grow and expand its user base, the platform has the potential to significantly reshape the public procurement landscape. By leveraging the power of AI and fostering collaboration, Tengo strives to create a future where the complexities of public tenders become a thing of the past, paving the way for greater inclusivity, efficiency, and opportunity in the world of public procurement.

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