Flipkart launches payments app, Super.money, in fintech push

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Flipkart’s Super.money: A New Player Enters India’s Thriving Fintech Arena

The Indian e-commerce giant, Flipkart, has made a quiet yet significant move in the country’s burgeoning fintech landscape. After separating from its popular payments app, PhonePe, in late 2022, Flipkart has launched its own mobile payments app, Super.money, entering the competitive world of digital financial services.

Super.money, currently in beta on the Google Play Store, allows users to make mobile payments via UPI, the interoperable network that reigns supreme in India’s online transaction landscape. But Flipkart isn’t simply aiming to be another player in the crowded UPI space. Their strategy involves enticing users with a unique selling proposition: "real cashback" instead of "useless rewards" for payments, transfers, and receipts.

This approach, highlighted in the app’s description, speaks directly to a growing consumer sentiment in India. Users are becoming increasingly wary of convoluted reward programs and are seeking tangible benefits for their financial activity. Super.money appears to be positioning itself as a transparent and reward-focused alternative in a market saturated with feature-heavy but potentially confusing apps.

However, Super.money’s ambitions extend far beyond basic payments. The app’s description reveals plans to incorporate secured cards and lending into its portfolio. This expansion into credit and lending services signals Flipkart’s intent to build a comprehensive fintech platform. DMI Finance, Axis Bank, and Credit Saison India are listed as partners on the Super.money website, signifying a strategy anchored in established financial institutions.

Prakash Sikaria, founder and CEO of Super.money, underlines the company’s aspirations, stating, “The landscape of digital payments and financial services is evolving rapidly, presenting incredible opportunities for innovation. super.money aims to democratise access to financial services by leveraging UPI infrastructure, which is aligned to the Government’s larger vision of financial inclusion.” He also hints at the imminent launch of several “exciting products,” igniting anticipation for future offerings.

Flipkart’s re-entry into the fintech arena isn’t a solo act. Reliance, a conglomerate with a sprawling portfolio of businesses, launched its own payments app, Jio Financial Services, earlier this year. This entrance of prominent players like Flipkart and Reliance signifies the burgeoning importance of fintech in India’s economic development and the fierce competition for market share.

The launch of Super.money is a strategic move for Flipkart. It allows the company to capitalize on its vast e-commerce user base and tap into the growing demand for convenient and rewarding financial services. The partnership with established financial institutions further strengthens Super.money’s credibility and offers a framework for expanding into areas like lending.

The success of Super.money will hinge on several factors:

  • Customer Acquisition: Gaining traction in a crowded marketplace dominated by PhonePe and Paytm will be crucial. The "real cashback" proposition could be a significant differentiator, but it requires effective marketing and strategic partnerships to attract users.
  • Product Development: Super.money needs to go beyond basic payments and offer a compelling suite of products and services to attract and retain users. The inclusion of secured cards and lending is a good starting point, but the company needs to ensure its offerings are competitive and cater to diverse customer needs.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The Indian fintech sector is subject to rigorous regulatory oversight. Maintaining compliance with evolving regulations while innovating and expanding product offerings will be crucial.

Flipkart’s return to the fintech space with Super.money holds immense potential. It provides the company with an avenue to expand its reach beyond e-commerce, tap into India’s booming digital economy, and contribute to the country’s financial inclusion vision. However, the road ahead will involve navigating a competitive landscape, constantly adapting to evolving consumer expectations, and successfully balancing innovation with regulatory compliance. The success of Super.money will be a testament to Flipkart’s ability to navigate these complexities and deliver a compelling value proposition to Indian consumers.

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