BYD to Overtake Tesla? China’s Electric Giant Poised for 2024 Sales Crown

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BYD Poised to Overtake Tesla in Battery Electric Vehicle Sales This Year, Driven by Dominant Market Share in China

BYD, the Chinese electric vehicle startup, is on track to surpass Tesla in battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales this year, with its BEV market share expected to surge, according to Counterpoint Research, released Tuesday. This shift reflects the dynamic nature of the global EV market, driven by the rapid rise of Chinese EV companies like BYD.

Key Takeaways:

  • BYD’s BEV sales are expected to outpace Tesla’s in 2024, marking a significant shift in the EV landscape.
  • China remains a dominant force in the BEV market, with BYD leading the charge.
  • China’s BEV sales are estimated to be four times those of North America’s in 2024, showcasing the region’s dominance.
  • The EU has announced additional tariffs on Chinese EV firms, raising concerns about potential trade tensions and market disruption.
  • Global BEV sales are projected to reach 10 million in 2024, fueled by increasing affordability and declining reliance on internal combustion engine vehicles.

A Shifting Landscape: BYD’s Rise and Tesla’s Stumbles

BYD’s impressive growth is driven by its strong performance in China, where it holds a significant market share. Its second-quarter battery EV sales surged nearly 21% year on year to 426,039 units, surpassing Tesla’s deliveries, which fell 4.8% to 443,956 vehicles. This surge in sales, fueled by strong demand for BYD’s diverse range of electric vehicles, is a major catalyst for their potential overtaking of Tesla in global BEV sales.

BYD’s success is particularly impressive given that, last year, its total production – including battery-only cars and hybrids – surpassed Tesla’s for a second consecutive year, exceeding 3 million units compared to Tesla’s 1.84 million. However, BYD’s production of 1.6 million battery-only passenger cars still fell short of Tesla’s, meaning that while BYD produced more total vehicles, Tesla’s focus on BEVs puts them in a strong position in this specific market segment.

While BYD ceded the top EV vendor spot to Tesla in the first quarter of 2024, Counterpoint predicts that BYD is likely to regain the position by the end of 2024, solidifying their dominance in the global BEV market.

China’s Dominance and the EU’s Response

China’s continued dominance in the BEV market is undeniable. Counterpoint predicts that China will hold over 50% of the global BEV market share until 2027, and that Chinese BEV sales will surpass the combined sales of North America and Europe by 2030.

This dominance has not gone unnoticed by the European Union (EU). In an attempt to protect European EV manufacturers from potentially harmful competition, the EU implemented additional tariffs on Chinese EV firms, including BYD, Geely, and SAIC. These tariffs, ranging from 17.4% to 38.1%, aim to level the playing field and protect European jobs.

The tariffs, currently provisional, will be implemented from July 4 unless a resolution is reached with Chinese authorities. This looming trade dispute adds a layer of complexity to the global EV landscape, highlighting the potential disruption caused by the rise of Chinese EV manufacturers.

The Future of Electric Vehicles: Cost Efficiency and Global Growth

Despite the ongoing trade tensions, the global EV market is expected to thrive in the coming years. Counterpoint predicts that global BEV sales will reach 10 million in 2024, fueled by the continuous decline of internal combustion engine vehicles. This growth will be further supported by cost-efficiency improvements in EVs and EV batteries, making these vehicles increasingly accessible to a wider range of consumers.

BYD’s success demonstrates the shifting landscape of the global EV market. As Chinese manufacturers continue to innovate and expand their reach, the competition will intensify, leading to further innovation and ultimately benefiting consumers with greater choices and increasingly affordable electric vehicles.

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