These smart binoculars can identify thousands of stars and over a million landmarks

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Unistellar’s Envision Binoculars: A Sky-High Ambition Meets the Ground Reality of Crowdfunding

The world of binoculars is undergoing a technological revolution, driven by the power of augmented reality (AR) and smart functionality. While companies like Swarovski have made headlines with their Optik AX Visio binoculars, capable of recognizing birds and animals, Unistellar is taking a different path with its Envision binoculars. Instead of focusing on terrestrial wildlife, the Envision is aiming to become your personal guide to the stars and the landscapes around you, offering an immersive experience like never before.

A Legacy of Smart Telescopes, Now Adapted for Binoculars

Unistellar, a French company, has been a pioneer in the field of smart telescopes for a decade. Their telescopes have revolutionized astronomy, automating the process of finding and photographing celestial objects like stars and planets. Now, Unistellar is bringing this expertise to a more accessible format: binoculars.

The Envision binoculars boast a unique combination of features: 50mm lenses sourced from Nikon, renowned for their quality, and a sophisticated AR projection system that overlays real-time information on your view. This system allows the binoculars to become your personal guide to the world, identifying landmarks, celestial bodies, and even trails.

Beyond the Stars: A Digital Atlas in Your Hand

The Envision binoculars are designed to be much more than just stargazers. They leverage the combined power of GPS, sensors, and an extensive online database to provide detailed information about your surroundings. This includes:

  • Millions of cartographic items: Mountains, hills, trails, landmarks, water sources, and more.
  • Over 200,000 celestial objects: Stars, galaxies, constellations, and other celestial wonders.

Connecting with Your Smartphone for a Seamless Experience

The Envision binoculars seamlessly integrate with your smartphone via Bluetooth. This connection allows for several key functionalities:

  • GPS location tracking: Pinpointing your precise location for accurate identification.
  • Database access: Downloading and referencing an extensive library of information.
  • AR projection: Overlaying real-time information onto your view.

For those venturing into remote areas with limited connectivity, the Envision offers offline map and data download capabilities, ensuring you can still enjoy its features even without an internet connection.

Beyond Identification: Sharing Your Discoveries and Guiding Others

The Envision binoculars go beyond simply identifying what you’re looking at. They offer interactive features that enhance your exploration and sharing:

  • Target locking: Allows you to lock onto a particular object, whether it’s a distant star or a hidden trail.
  • Shared discovery: Once a target is locked, you can pass the binoculars to another person, and they will receive visual guidance, directing them precisely to the targeted location.

A Kickstarter Campaign with a Big Dream, But a Long Road Ahead

Unistellar is relying on a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter to bring the Envision binoculars to life. While they have a strong track record of successful smart telescope launches, the campaign has a significant funding gap to bridge.

  • Early bird backers can pre-order a pair for $699, a significant discount compared to the expected retail price of $1,199.
  • However, delivery for the earliest backers isn’t expected until November 2025, highlighting the long development timeframe.

The Risks of Crowdfunding and the Future of Smart Binoculars

While the Envision binoculars hold immense potential, it’s essential to remember the inherent risks associated with supporting crowdfunded products. Even with Unistellar’s proven track record, the project is still in its early stages.

  • The first industrial prototypes are not expected until January 2025, leaving room for potential delays or design changes.
  • The Envision’s success will depend on effective integration with the AR system, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Despite these factors, the Envision binoculars represent a significant leap forward in the world of smart technology and outdoor exploration. They offer the potential to transform how we explore the world, from stargazing to hiking, by providing a personalized and informative experience unlike anything currently available.

The future of smart binoculars is exciting, and Unistellar’s Envision is poised to be a major player in this evolving market. However, the long timeline for production and the inherent risks of crowdfunding suggest it might be prudent to wait and observe how the technology develops before committing to a purchase. Ultimately, time will tell whether the Envision binoculars live up to their ambitious promise of turning every exploration into an interactive and informative adventure.

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