Major Democratic Donors Ask Themselves: What to Do About Biden?

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Democratic Donor Class in Crisis Following Biden’s Debate Performance

The Democratic Party’s wealthy donor class, typically known for its unwavering support, is experiencing a wave of unease following President Biden’s widely criticized performance in the first presidential debate. The debate, which saw Biden struggle to articulate his message and appeared at times overwhelmed by former President Trump’s aggressive tactics, has triggered widespread anxiety among the party’s most prominent financial backers. This sense of unease has led to a flurry of hushed conversations, frantic messages, and even speculation, within the donor class about potential interventions and plans to redirect financial resources.

Key Takeaways:

  • Donor panic: Following the debate, many wealthy Democrats expressed deep concerns about Biden’s ability to secure a second term.
  • Financial fears: The debate’s fallout has already impacted the Biden campaign’s finances, with fears that donors are now hesitant to contribute.
  • Potential interventions: Some donors have begun exploring unconventional tactics, including an attempt to convince Biden to step aside and explore alternative nominees.
  • Down ballot focus: Given the uncertainty surrounding the top of the ticket, some donors are prioritizing funding for congressional and state races.
  • The Biden campaign’s response: Despite the public anxiety, the Biden campaign maintains a defiant stance, highlighting the recent surge in online donations as a sign of continued support.

A Crisis of Confidence:
The debate’s impact on the donor class is significant. While the Biden administration has enjoyed strong support from wealthy donors, this performance has shaken their faith in the president’s ability to secure a second term. Fears of a Trump victory have triggered a frantic scramble within this influential group, with many grappling with how to best navigate this turbulent period.

Whispers of Intervention:
The anxiety among donors has manifested itself in a series of behind-the-scenes discussions and strategizing sessions. Some donors have even broached the improbable idea of orchestrating a scenario where Biden is replaced as the Democratic nominee. The conversations have focused on identifying potential candidates to step in and on strategizing about how to persuade Biden to consider relinquishing his candidacy. While the possibility of a successful intervention remains highly improbable, the mere discussion signifies the depth of the donor class’s unease.

A Shift in Priorities:
The debate’s aftermath has prompted some donors to shift their focus from the presidential race to down ballot candidates. The worry over the presidential race has led to a sense that supporting state and congressional races may yield a greater return on investment. This shift in focus is a testament to the donor class’s pragmatism and their desire to ensure a successful Democratic outcome, even if they have serious reservations about the party’s top candidate.

The Biden Campaign’s Response:
Despite the visible tremors of anxiety within the donor class, the Biden campaign insists that the financial landscape remains robust. The campaign has highlighted a sudden surge in online donations as evidence of continued public support. However, this reliance on smaller donations contrasts with the traditional reliance on large contributions from wealthy donors, highlighting the potential difficulties ahead.

The campaign is seeking to mitigate the damage by intensifying its fund-raising efforts, organizing a series of events featuring Biden, First Lady Jill Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris, across elite enclaves. While the campaign has announced impressive financial figures, the skepticism among major donors remains a significant obstacle to overcoming.

Moving Forward:
The debate’s fallout presents a significant test for the Democratic Party. The panic among the donor class reflects a deeper, underlying anxiety about the direction of the party and the viability of Biden’s candidacy. The party’s ability to galvanize support, both financially and politically, will be crucial in deciding the outcome of the 2024 presidential race.

The road ahead remains uncertain. But one thing is clear: the Democratic Party’s donor class is no longer the monolithic bloc of unwavering support it once was. The debate’s aftermath has exposed a deep-seated anxiety and a sense of vulnerability that will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of the upcoming election.

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