Biden Family Rallies Around President: Is This a Sign He’ll Run Again?

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Biden Family Urges Him to Stay in Race Following Disastrous Debate, Despite Private Concerns

Amidst a wave of Democratic anxiety following President Biden’s lackluster performance in last week’s debate against former President Donald Trump, the president’s family is rallying around him, urging him to remain in the race. While some family members are privately expressing frustration with how Biden was prepared for the event by his staff, they are united in their support for him to stay in the fight for another term.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s family, including his son Hunter Biden, is urging him to stay in the race despite concerns over his debate performance.
  • While some family members are privately critical of Biden’s staff, particularly senior advisor Anita Dunn and her husband, Bob Bauer, they are united in their support for Biden himself.
  • Democrats are divided on whether Biden should remain in the race, with some expressing concerns over his age and mental fitness for the presidency.
  • Biden’s staff is facing pressure from donors and other Democrats to shore up support for the president and address concerns about his campaign strategy.
  • While Biden has publicly acknowledged a lackluster debate performance, his advisors and family are confident that he can overcome this setback and secure a second term as president.

Family Support in the Face of Criticism

Following the highly publicized debate, Biden has been taking stock of the situation, seeking advice from close advisors and key donors. His son, Hunter Biden, has been particularly vocal in his support for his father, encouraging him to "keep fighting" and to show the country the "scrappy" and "commanding" president he knows.

However, the debate performance has also sparked private criticism of Biden’s campaign staff. Some family members, particularly those close to John Morgan, a top Democratic donor, have expressed frustration with the preparation process, questioning the decisions of Ron Klain, Anita Dunn, and Bob Bauer, who played Trump during debate rehearsals. They believe that Biden was overburdened with statistics and made to appear "pale and pallid" in contrast to his usual appearance.

Democratic Uncertainty and the Future of Biden’s Campaign

While Biden’s family remains supportive, the wider Democratic party is showing signs of uncertainty. A new poll by CBS News found that 45% of Democrats prefer a different candidate for the 2024 election, highlighting concerns about Biden’s age and mental fitness for the presidency. This sentiment has been echoed by some prominent Democrats, with even Senator Raphael Warnock acknowledging that Biden’s age is a "concern" for voters.

Biden’s campaign is facing increasing pressure to address these concerns and shore up support. Jen O’Malley Dillon, the campaign chair, is scheduled to hold a conference call with the national finance committee this week, aiming to calm nerves and reassure donors. The campaign’s ability to retain the support of these key contributors will be crucial to Biden’s ability to remain in the race.

Biden Remains Determined Despite Criticism

Despite the criticisms and concerns, Biden has publicly expressed a commitment to staying in the race. He has been reaching out to key figures within the Democratic party, reassuring them of his resolve to win the election. While he acknowledged the debate performance was not ideal, he emphasized his commitment to focusing on the stark contrast between his policies and those of his opponent, Donald Trump.

The coming weeks will be critical for Biden’s campaign. He faces the task of persuading both his own party and the American people that he is still the best person to lead the country. The family’s support, while valuable, is not enough to quell the growing unease within the Democratic party. The next few months will reveal whether Biden can overcome his recent setbacks and build momentum for a successful re-election campaign.

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