Twister Director: “I Didn’t Get the Warning… About Twisters?”

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The "Twister" Director Didn’t Know About the "Twisters" Sequel Until He Saw the Trailer

It’s 2024, and the skies are full of tornadoes – both real and on the big screen. "Twister," the 1996 blockbuster that thrilled audiences with its spectacular special effects and nail-biting storm chasing, is celebrating its 28th anniversary with a 4K Ultra HD release on July 9th. But what’s even more surprising than the movie’s ongoing legacy is the news that its director, Jan de Bont, had no idea about its long-awaited sequel, "Twisters," until he saw the trailer earlier this year.

"Twisters" is a highly anticipated project hitting theaters on July 19th, featuring a new cast and a story that, according to de Bont, has little to do with its predecessor. This has caused a bit of a stir, as many fans and film critics have been wondering about the connection, if any, between the two films.

De Bont’s revelation in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter paints a picture of a director blissfully unaware of a film bearing the name and thematic essence of his creation. “I didn’t know there was [another] movie until I actually saw the first trailer, which was not that long ago,” de Bont confessed. Considering the impact and prominence of the first film, not to mention the internet’s omnipresence for news, this statement has sparked many questions and discussions.

Is it truly possible to miss out on a project directly tied to one’s own work, particularly in the age of media saturation? It seems unthinkable, as if a movie director couldn’t help but hear the rumble of a sequel’s development, especially one that aims to capitalize on the legacy of the original film.

However, the film industry can be a complex and compartmentalized world, where one project can reside in a silo, unaware of the developments in other areas. De Bont, known for his work on other action-packed films like "Speed" and "Speed 2: Cruise Control," has long been a figure in the industry. Perhaps his focus on his own projects and maybe even a preference for stepping away from his past triumphs might have contributed to his lack of awareness about "Twisters."

De Bont isn’t the only one surprised by the sequel. While fans have been eagerly awaiting a "Twister" follow-up for years, many are questioning the choice to title it “Twisters” rather than simply creating a new film entirely. Adding to the intrigue, the new film, directed by Glen Powell, is set in the world of drone technology, taking a decidedly different approach to storm chasing.

But De Bont’s perspective on sequels, as he shared with the Hollywood Reporter, provides a valuable insight into the artistic landscape. He believes that sequels should build upon the foundation laid by their predecessors, offering a continuation of the story, characters, and themes. "If you want to make a sequel, it should really be a sequel," he states. "It should be about the same people. It should be the same continuing story and saga of the same group of people, preferably in different circumstances that are even more interesting and more exciting."

This view resonates with fans who have been craving a sequel that picks up where "Twister" left off, revisiting the characters and adventures of Bill Paxton’s Bill Harding and Helen Hunt’s Jo Harding. There’s a thirst to see how their storm chasing careers progressed, how their relationship evolved, and how their passion for the pursuit of tornadoes continues to shape their lives.

The decision to create a new story with new characters, however, might be strategic. "Twisters" presents an opportunity to appeal to a new generation of viewers who might not be familiar with the original film. The drone technology angle offers a fresh take on the genre, appealing to a fascination with cutting-edge technology and the future of adventurous pursuits.

The question of whether "Twisters" can stand on its own, independent of the original film’s shadow, will ultimately be answered by audiences. The challenge for the creators will be to create a thrilling and immersive spectacle that caters to those who loved "Twister" while also enticing those who are unfamiliar with it.

As both “Twister” and “Twisters” ready for release, the audience finds itself caught in the eye of a cinematic storm. While de Bont’s lack of awareness about the sequel may seem improbable, it highlights the unique nature of the film industry and the evolving landscape of sequels.

While the fate of "Twisters" remains unknown, the fact that it has sparked such intense discussion and debate is a testament to the enduring power of "Twister." The original film’s legacy continues to shape cinematic experiences, even as new ventures attempt to capture its lightning-in-a-bottle magic. The summer of 2024 promises to be a whirlwind of tornadoes, thrill, and introspection for all involved with these two films – including the director who never knew a sequel was coming.

What to expect:

  • "Twister" in 4K Ultra HD: Enjoy the original film in stunning clarity, experiencing the awe-inspiring special effects and iconic scenes like never before.
  • "Twisters" in theaters: Get ready for a new adventure, with a focus on drone technology and a new generation of storm chasers. Will it surpass the original film’s success?
  • The Impact of Sequels: The debate over sequels and their connection to original films will surely continue, as Hollywood continues to explore the possibilities of revisiting beloved classics and expanding upon existing franchises.

Stay tuned:

  • Further developments: As July approaches, we can expect a surge in marketing campaigns, promotional material, and even potential behind-the-scenes insights that will reveal more about both "Twister" in 4K Ultra HD and "Twisters."
  • Reviews and Reactions: Critics and audiences alike will be eager to share their perspectives on the two films. Will "Twisters" succeed in its own right? Will it live up to the legacy of its predecessor?
  • The evolution of the “Twister” franchise: The future of the “Twister” franchise now appears more complex than ever. Will there be future sequels? Will "Twisters" spawn a spinoff series? The questions remain open, while the cinematic storm continues to swirl.

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