The Boys May Finally Get a Supernatural Reunion Going

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Supernatural Reunion? Jared Padalecki To Join The Boys In Season 5

The CW’s recent cancellation of Walker, starring Jared Padalecki, has opened up a tantalizing opportunity for a reunion with his former Supernatural boss, Eric Kripke, on the hit Amazon Prime series, The Boys.

Kripke, the showrunner for the darkly comedic superhero satire, has expressed his desire to collaborate with Padalecki again, and the actor has enthusiastically confirmed his willingness to join the show’s fifth and final season.

"The answer is yes," Padalecki stated in a recent Deadline interview, confirming that he and Kripke have already discussed a potential role for him. "We’re talking, yeah, we were talking today."

This news is particularly exciting for fans who have long craved a reunion of the Supernatural cast. While Jensen Ackles played a memorable role as Soldier Boy in The Boys’ Season 3, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan joined the cast as Kessler in Season 4, Padalecki’s potential involvement marks a significant and anticipated chapter in this ongoing saga.

The Boys has become a cultural phenomenon, known for its unflinching and often shocking portrayal of the dark side of superhero culture. The show tackles themes of corporate corruption, societal manipulation, and the consequences of unchecked power. While the show features a diverse cast of characters, the presence of Supernatural alumni adds an intriguing layer to the existing storyline, creating a sense of familiarity amidst the chaos.

Padalecki’s Confirmation

The Walker actor is clearly invested in this potential collaboration, expressing his desire to work on "projects I really care about or with people that I really care about. Obviously, Eric and I are indelibly connected forever." He further emphasizes his commitment to the project, stating, "I’ll just say ‘Okay, when am I flying out?’”

This eagerness from both Kripke and Padalecki further fuels anticipation for the actor’s entrance into The Boys universe. Fans are left to speculate about which character Padalecki will portray and its impact on the show’s unfolding narrative.

The Boys: A Universe Expanding

The The Boys universe has already expanded beyond the primary series, with the release of the spinoff, Gen V. The introduction of new characters and storylines through the spinoff and potential future installments offers ample opportunity for Padalecki to make his mark in this expanding world.

With the production of The Boys’ Season 5 scheduled for next year, Padalecki’s involvement is still in its early stages, and details regarding his role and potential impact remain shrouded in secrecy. Yet, his enthusiastic confirmation and Kripke’s eagerness to work with him again have ignited a wave of excitement among fans, who eagerly await the possibilities that a Supernatural reunion on The Boys may bring.

The Significance of a Supernatural Reunion

The Supernatural cast played a significant role in the development of the television landscape, garnering devoted fans across the globe. The series, known for its blend of humor, action, and heartfelt emotion, earned a reputation for its compelling storylines and strong character development.

Padalecki’s potential involvement in The Boys represents more than just a reunion of former colleagues; it presents a unique opportunity to witness the creative synergy that Kripke and Padalecki created during their time on Supernatural. This potential collaboration holds the promise of captivating storytelling and a fresh perspective on the superhero genre, appealing to both established The Boys fans and those who hold Supernatural close to their hearts.

Exploring the Possibilities

While the specifics of the role remain under wraps, speculation about Padalecki’s potential character has already begun. Fans have proposed a range of intriguing possibilities, from a superhero in hiding to a mysterious and morally ambiguous figure with a past connected to Billy Butcher or the Seven.

With the show’s tendency for subverting expectations and exploring unconventional takes on the superhero trope, Padalecki could bring a unique dynamic to the existing storyline.

His character might challenge the established power structures within the world of The Boys, adding complexity to the narrative and sparking new conflicts.

Looking Beyond the Reunion

The anticipation surrounding Padalecki’s potential involvement goes beyond the nostalgic element of a Supernatural reunion. It speaks to the growing appeal of The Boys as a commentary on contemporary society and it’s fascination with the superhero culture.

The show’s unconventional approach, its exploration of darker themes, and its ability to elicit both laughter and contemplation make it a compelling force in the world of entertainment. Padalecki’s presence on the show would undoubtedly elevate its already high profile and bring a new dynamism to the series.


Jared Padalecki’s confirmation that he is eager to join The Boys in Season 5 represents a significant moment for both the show and the actor. While the specifics of his role remain unconfirmed, the possibility of a Supernatural reunion with Eric Kripke has energized both the The Boys fanbase and Supernatural followers alike.

This potential collaboration promises to deliver a blend of the dark humor and social commentary that defines The Boys while introducing a familiar face to the show’s eclectic ensemble. With Padalecki’s commitment and Kripke’s vision, the next chapter of The Boys promises to be a captivating and potentially game-changing one.

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