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The Fifteenth Doctor: Ncuti Gatwa’s Debut Season of "Doctor Who"

The introduction of a new Doctor in "Doctor Who" is always a momentous occasion. It signals a new chapter for the beloved sci-fi show, offering a fresh perspective on the Time Lord’s adventures. This year, the anticipation was particularly high as Ncuti Gatwa took on the role, becoming the first Black man to portray the iconic character. The pressure was immense: This was not just a new Doctor, but the 40th season of the show, marking a monumental milestone, and the first season to air simultaneously on both the BBC and Disney+.

Russell T. Davies, the showrunner who previously revitalized "Doctor Who" in the mid-2000s, returned to helm this new era. He was joined by Steven Moffat, the previous showrunner himself, who contributed a single episode to the season. It was a reunion of sorts, with the added weight of ushering in a new era for the show and its titular character.

The season opened with a whirlwind of new and familiar faces. Gatwa’s Doctor wasn’t just introduced; he was portrayed as a supporting character in a "special" that saw David Tennant reprise his role as the Fourteenth Doctor. This unusual introduction hinted at a season of surprises, a sense of uncertainty about how Gatwa’s Doctor would find his footing.

As the season progressed, "Doctor Who" delivered a range of episodes that showcased the potential and the challenges of Gatwa’s Doctor. There was "The Curse of the Weeping Angels," a classic "Who" tale that effectively utilized the titular terrifying creatures, and "The Power of the Doctor," a special episode that brought back familiar faces from the show’s history and provided a fitting transition from Tennant’s Doctor to Gatwa’s.

But the season wasn’t without its bumps. Some episodes, like "The Woman Who Lived," were met with mixed reviews, criticized for their convoluted plots or uneven pacing. The season finale, "Empire of Death," while visually impressive, was seen by some fans as a potentially anticlimactic end to a season that had promised much.

Despite these criticisms, Gatwa’s performance as the Doctor has been largely acclaimed. He brought a new energy to the role, a vibrant and charismatic presence that captivated audiences, particularly younger viewers. Gatwa’s Doctor is a joyous figure, filled with optimism, a stark contrast to some of his more somber predecessors. This new interpretation resonated with viewers, making him a Doctor who felt approachable, even relatable.

But the season’s success wasn’t solely dependent on Gatwa’s performance. "Doctor Who" has always thrived on its companion characters, those who travel alongside the Doctor, experiencing the wonders of the universe while also acting as anchors to his often chaotic experiences. This season introduced Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson, a clever and resourceful companion who became an integral part of the Doctor’s dynamic. Their relationship was marked by witty banter, mutual respect, and a genuine sense of friendship.

However, the season’s reliance on past successes and familiar faces also contributed to some of its limitations. The appearance of Tennant’s Doctor, while initially exciting, overshadowed Gatwa’s introduction, making his own character feel somewhat subordinate. The numerous callbacks to previous eras, while nostalgic, occasionally hindered the season’s ability to establish its unique identity.

With the season now complete, "Doctor Who" faces a new era defined by change. The show has moved to Disney+, a move that promises a wider audience but also raises concerns about the show’s future trajectory. Gatwa’s Doctor is already paving his own path in the hearts of fans, and as the show prepares for its return in 2025 with a new Companion in "Andor" star Varada Sethu, there’s a palpable sense of excitement about what the future holds.

The season might not be considered a perfect swan song for Davies’ return, but Gatwa’s Doctor has already earned a place in the hearts of fans. He has demonstrated a youthful energy and a genuine warmth that reimagines the Doctor for a new generation. This is a Doctor who is ready to embrace the galaxy’s wonders and challenges head-on, all while staying true to the spirit of the show. The show’s future remains bright, and the 40th season, despite its ups and downs, serves as a promising foundation for a Doctor who is ready to make his mark.

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