Black Panther and Terminator Zero’s Creators Are Teaming Up for a New Time-Travel Movie

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From Comic Pages to Silver Screen: "A Vicious Circle" Gets the Ryan Coogler Treatment

The graphic novel series "A Vicious Circle," already known for its cinematic storytelling, is taking its journey to the next level—becoming a feature film produced by acclaimed director Ryan Coogler (Black Panther) and adapted by Mattson Tomlin, who co-created the novels with artist Lee Bermejo. This announcement, originating from The Hollywood Reporter, is causing a buzz in the industry, with many drawing comparisons to the high-octane action of "John Wick" and the time-bending intrigue of "Looper."

A Battle Spanning Millennia

"A Vicious Circle" presents a captivating world where time-traveling assassins are locked in a deadly game across eras and dimensions. The story revolves around Shawn Thacker, a skilled assassin from the future seeking vengeance against the only other individual who shares his peculiar affliction—each life they take forces them to journey through time. This unique predicament throws them into battles across various timelines, from 22nd-century Tokyo to 1950s New Orleans and even the depths of the Cretaceous Era.

A Cinematic Story Waiting to Be Unleashed

The graphic novels, with their stunning visuals and intricate plot, have already captivated audiences and earned recognition, securing an Eisner Award nomination. The "John Wick" meets "Looper" description paints a thrilling picture of a film that will blend high-stakes action with mind-bending time travel. The film’s promise of a non-linear narrative, replete with twists and turns, makes it a ripe candidate for a cinematic adaptation.

The Powerhouse Collaboration

The collaboration between Coogler and Tomlin promises a cinematic experience unlike any other. Coogler’s talent for crafting visually captivating and action-packed narratives, as evidenced by his success with "Black Panther" and "Creed," makes him the ideal choice to bring the intricacies of "A Vicious Circle" to life on the big screen.

Tomlin, on the other hand, has a proven track record of weaving compelling stories that blend sci-fi and action. He served as the showrunner for Netflix’s "Terminator Zero," an anime adaptation of the iconic franchise, proving his ability to navigate complex narratives within a new visual format. His co-writing credit on "The Batman II" with Matt Reeves further underscores his remarkable storytelling prowess.

Looking Towards the Future

While both Coogler and Tomlin are currently working on other projects—Tomlin with "Terminator Zero," which debuts on August 29th, and Coogler with his highly anticipated "maybe-vampire" movie starring Michael B. Jordan—they are undoubtedly eager to embark on this exciting new venture. The combination of their expertise and “A Vicious Circle’s” inherently cinematic nature guarantees this is a project worth waiting for.

Beyond the Silver Screen

The decision to bring "A Vicious Circle" to the big screen is a testament to the burgeoning popularity of graphic novels as a source material for films. This adaptation follows a growing trend of comics and graphic novels like "The Walking Dead," "Watchmen," and "The Boys" finding success on both the small and large screen.

The graphic novel’s intricate narratives and unique visual aesthetics provide ample opportunities for cinematic storytelling, attracting filmmakers and audiences alike. "A Vicious Circle" seems to embody this evolving trend, showcasing the potential for a vibrant and engaging cinematic experience.

A Vicious Circle of Anticipation

With a talented team onboard and a compelling source material, "A Vicious Circle" is poised to become a cinematic experience worthy of the hype. The film’s premise, blending action, time travel, and a complex moral dilemma, promises a thrilling journey for audiences, leaving us all eager to see when this cinematic duel across time will unfold.

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