How Partisan Media Outlets Are Previewing the Debate

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The Pre-Debate Battle: Partisan Media Outlets Gear Up for a High-Stakes Showdown

The first presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald J. Trump is just days away, and the partisan media landscape is already ablaze with anticipation and accusations. Both sides are strategizing for victory, with conservative outlets focusing on alleged bias from CNN, the debate’s host, while liberal media outlets paint Mr. Trump’s criticisms as desperate attempts to avoid a potential loss. The pre-debate rhetoric highlights the deep partisan divide and the intense focus on the potential impact of this pivotal moment in the 2024 election.

Key Takeaways:

  • Conservative Media Outlets Focus on CNN Bias: Many right-leaning publications have echoed Mr. Trump’s claims that CNN will unfairly favor President Biden during the debate. They point to CNN’s abrupt ending of an interview with a Trump campaign spokesperson who criticized the network’s commentators as evidence of bias.
  • Liberal Media Skewer Trump’s Claims: Progressive outlets have dismissed Mr. Trump’s accusations as "desperate" attempts to lower expectations for President Biden’s performance. They argue that the former president is attempting a strategy of pre-emptive attack to undermine potential successes by his opponent.
  • The Drug Test Debate: Mr. Trump has repeatedly suggested that President Biden would need medication to perform well during the debate, even requesting a drug test before the event. While Mr. Biden’s campaign has swiftly dismissed this claim, some conservative outlets have seized on the opportunity to question President Biden’s health and fitness for office.
  • Heightened Stakes: The first presidential debate carries enormous weight, offering valuable insight into each candidate’s strategies and strengths. Both camps understand the stakes are high, leading to intense scrutiny of every pre-debate move and statement.

Newsmax: A prominent conservative outlet, Newsmax has been a vocal critic of CNN’s coverage of Mr. Trump. After CNN ended an interview with a Trump campaign spokesperson who accused commentator Jake Tapper of bias against Mr. Trump, Newsmax hosts and guests suggested this incident was a sign of how the network would treat the former president unfairly during the debate.

"This is a precursor to Thursday,” said Hilton Beckham, a communications director for the America First Policy Institute, during an interview on the Newsmax show “National Report.” “I think eyes need to be a little more on the CNN moderators.”

Breitbart: Another conservative outlet, Breitbart, fueled the debate around President Biden’s health and fitness for office. An article titled “Debate Prep: Donald Trump Agrees to Drug Test if Joe Biden Does” suggested that President Biden’s health might be a factor in his performance.

“The health challenges might explain why he struggles to remain upright,” wrote Wendell Husebo, referring to instances where President Biden has stumbled or fallen. The article used President Biden’s medical records – which, it is worth noting, describe him as "healthy" – to insinuate that his well-being could be a detriment during the debate.

Slate: Taking a decidedly different angle, Slate, a liberal news outlet, suggested that Mr. Trump’s attacks on President Biden are actually a sign of desperation. The outlet argued that Mr. Trump’s campaign is trying to avoid "lowering the bar" for President Biden, worried that attacking him too harshly could make him appear more capable than he actually is.

“Members of Team Trump, as well as the candidate himself, have recognized this tendency and are attempting to raise Biden’s expectations,” wrote Jim Newell. He pointed to Mr. Trump’s recent shift in tone, where he claimed he didn’t "want to underestimate" President Biden, as further evidence of this strategy.

The New Republic: Another liberal publication, The New Republic, has similarly criticized Mr. Trump’s pre-debate tactics. Several articles on the site have labeled Mr. Trump’s requests for a drug test and accusations of CNN bias as desperate attempts to avoid the debate altogether.

“All of this concocted drama around drug use, as well as claims that CNN will host a biased debate, positively reek of desperation to get the former president out of Thursday night’s presidential showdown,” wrote Edith Olmsted in an article titled “Panicking Trump Tries Yet Another Get-Out-of-Debate-Free Card.”

A Battle of Narratives: The pre-debate rhetoric highlights a broader trend in political media. Each side is working to craft a narrative that favors its preferred candidate and casts doubt on the opponent’s capabilities. The media’s role in shaping public perception is undeniable, and the upcoming debate is likely to be closely watched for how each candidate performs and how the media interprets those performances. The debate itself will be a key test of strength, resilience, and policy understanding, but the pre-debate atmosphere offers a glimpse into the highly charged political climate of 2024. The real question is: will this be a debate about the issues or a battle of narratives?

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