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The Most Dangerous People on the Internet in 2023


Elon Musk: A Tech Titan Unleashed

The Most Dangerous People on the Internet in 2023

Elon Musk, once hailed as a brilliant technologist, has taken a controversial turn in 2023. The year saw Musk’s influence extend beyond the technological realm, with his social media platform, now called X, facing scrutiny. Musk’s new startup, xAI, released Grok, an AI chatbot celebrated for its minimal guardrails, raising concerns about ethical considerations. Moreover, controversies around Neuralink’s experiments and Tesla’s Autopilot feature have led to calls for a SEC investigation. Musk’s impact on technology, society, and even politics marks him as a figure of concern.

Cl0p: Ransomware’s Resurgence

60% Increase in Ransomware Attacks: March 2023 Sees Highest Victim Count in  Two Years

In the landscape of ransomware attacks, Cl0p stands out as a malevolent force in 2023. Exploiting a zero-day vulnerability, the Cl0p gang orchestrated a spree of intrusions affecting over 2,000 organizations, causing significant data breaches. The magnitude of their actions, exemplified by the medical firm Maximus losing control of data for millions, underscores the havoc wrought by Cl0p. As ransomware continues to pose a threat, Cl0p’s audacious exploits have earned them a notorious reputation.

Alphv: A Ransomware Menace

Unveiling the Enigma: Threat Hunting for ALPHV Malware | by  TheRealThreatHuntress | Medium

Challenging Cl0p for the dubious title of the most ruthless ransomware hackers, Alphv, also known as Black Cat, garnered attention with high-profile attacks. Targeting MGM Resorts International, Alphv caused an estimated $100 million in damages. The FBI’s assertion that Alphv compromised over a thousand organizations and extracted hefty ransoms highlights the scale of their impact. Despite law enforcement seizing their dark-web site, Alphv’s resilience suggests an ongoing challenge in combating cyber threats.

Hamas: Geopolitical Atrocities and Cyber Presence

Hamas–Israel Crisis: Impact on Geopolitics and Cyber Threat Landscape for  the European Energy Sector - QuoIntelligence

Hamas’ shocking atrocities in Southern Israel reverberated not only in geopolitics but also in the digital realm. The group’s use of digital technologies, including cryptocurrency fundraising and Telegram channels for propaganda, underscores the intersection of conflict and the internet. The episode forces a reevaluation of technology platforms’ roles in enabling extremist violence, reminiscent of challenges posed by ISIS in 2014. The evolving landscape of digital warfare intertwines with real-world events, shaping the narrative of contemporary conflicts.

Sandworm: Russia’s Persistent Cyber Threat

US Indicts Sandworm, Russia's Most Destructive Cyberwar Unit | WIRED

Despite sanctions and indictments, Russia’s Sandworm, a group of hyper-aggressive military intelligence hackers, remains a formidable cyber threat. Their focus on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine reveals a persistent pattern of aggression. From blackout cyberattacks to espionage efforts, Sandworm continues to operate, showcasing their resilience and effectiveness. As the Kremlin’s most dangerous hackers, Sandworm exemplifies the challenges of countering state-sponsored cyber threats.

Volt Typhoon: China’s Shadow in Cyberspace

Chinese State-Sponsored Cyber Actor Detection: Joint Cybersecurity Advisory  (CSA) AA23-144a Sheds Light on Stealty Activity by Volt Typhoon Targeting  U.S. Critical Infrastructure - SOC Prime

Volt Typhoon, a hacker group linked to China, emerged as a significant player in 2023. Planting malware in power grid networks across the US and Guam, their actions raised concerns about potential disruptions to critical infrastructure. With targets extending to diverse sectors, including oil and gas pipelines, ports, and utilities, Volt Typhoon poses a multifaceted threat. The ambiguity surrounding their intentions adds to the complexity of addressing cybersecurity challenges in an increasingly interconnected world.

Donald Trump: Resurgence and Controversy

Donald Trump's racketeering indictment is the most sweeping yet

Donald Trump’s return to the list of the most dangerous individuals is marked by a resurgence in political influence. Leading Republican primary polls, Trump’s rhetoric on the Truth Social platform raises concerns about the potential misuse of power. His vows to investigate media companies and prosecute political opponents indicate a willingness to use authority for personal and political gain. Trump’s reemergence prompts a reflection on the potential impact of his policies, echoing past controversial decisions during his presidency.

Israel Defense Forces: Digital Warfare and Propaganda

Hamas and Israel step up cyber battle for hearts and minds - BBC News

The Israel Defense Forces’ response to Hamas’ invasion intertwines military actions with a digital narrative. The military’s role in shaping public perception, from social media promotion to spreading controversial claims, highlights the evolving nature of warfare. Amid allegations of information blackout and civilian casualties, the IDF’s propaganda machine plays a significant role in influencing global opinions. The intersection of traditional warfare and information warfare poses ethical and strategic questions.

Sam Altman: AI Leadership and Power Struggles

OpenAI brings back Sam Altman as CEO just days after his firing unleashed  chaos

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, finds himself on this list due to a brief but dramatic power struggle within the company. Once seen as advocating for self-restraint in AI development, Altman’s actions in consolidating power reveal a different side. With OpenAI now under the control of one individual and his executive team, questions arise about the future of technology and the impact of unchecked authority. Altman’s influence in the race for disruptive technologies underscores the broader implications of AI leadership.

Predatory Sparrow: State-sponsored Cyber Threat

Predatory Sparrow massively disrupts steel factories while keeping workers  safe

The relatively obscure group, Predatory Sparrow, gained attention with cyberattacks on Iranian companies. Claiming responsibility for a steel mill fire and leaking documents, the group operates in a hacktivist manner. Their second major cyberattack, reportedly disabling gas stations across Iran, highlights their disruptive capabilities. As geopolitical tensions manifest in cyberspace, Predatory Sparrow emerges as a wildcard, adding complexity to the landscape of state-sponsored cyber threats.

Article Summary Table

RankPerson/GroupNotable ActionsImpact
1Elon MuskSocial media controversies, AI chatbot releaseInfluence on online conversation, tech disruption
2Cl0pExploitation of zero-day vulnerability, massive data breachesNotorious ransomware attacks
3Alphv (Black Cat)MGM Resorts attack, defiance against law enforcementHigh-profile ransomware operations
4HamasAtrocities in Southern Israel, cyber presenceGeopolitical and cyber impact
5SandwormOngoing cyberattacks in Ukraine, focus on critical infrastructurePersistent state-sponsored cyber threat
6Volt TyphoonMalware in US power grids, targeting critical infrastructureThreat to national security
7Donald TrumpTruth Social platform, political influenceResurgence in political power, potential impact
8Israel Defense ForcesMilitary actions, digital warfare, propagandaIntersection of traditional and information warfare
9Sam AltmanPower struggle within OpenAI, consolidation of controlImplications for AI development, unchecked authority
10Predatory SparrowCyberattacks on Iranian companies, gas station disruptionState-sponsored hacktivism, unpredictable threat


1. What makes Elon Musk one of the most dangerous people on the internet?

Elon Musk’s influence extends beyond technology, with controversies on his social media platform and the release of an AI chatbot, raising concerns about ethical considerations and tech disruption.

2. Why is Cl0p considered a significant ransomware threat in 202

Cl0p exploited a zero-day vulnerability, orchestrating massive data breaches affecting over 2,000 organizations, showcasing the scale and audacity of their ransomware attacks.

3. What sets Alphv (Black Cat) apart in the realm of ransomware hackers?

Alphv gained notoriety with high-profile attacks, including the MGM Resorts incident, defiantly challenging law enforcement, and highlighting the financial impact of their operations.

4. How has Hamas impacted both geopolitics and the digital realm in 2023?

Hamas’ atrocities in Southern Israel triggered a war with implications for both geopolitics and the tech world, raising questions about the role of digital technologies in conflict.

5. Why is Sandworm considered a persistent cyber threat, despite sanctions and indictments?

Sandworm, Russia’s hyper-aggressive military intelligence hackers, remains active, focusing on the conflict in Ukraine and earning a reputation as the Kremlin’s most dangerous hackers.

6. What is the significance of Volt Typhoon’s actions in 2023?

Volt Typhoon, linked to China, planted malware in US power grid networks, targeting critical infrastructure and posing a potential threat to national security.

7. How has Sam Altman’s power struggle within OpenAI raised concerns?

Sam Altman’s consolidation of power within OpenAI prompts questions about the future of technology and the impact of unchecked authority in the race for disruptive AI technologies.

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