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BREAKING: PERRY HIGH SCHOOL SHOOTING Reports indicate the shooting at Perry High School, Iowa, with multiple victims, is now under control and the shooter has been neutralized. First reports of an active shooter at Perry High School, Iowa, emerged around 7:40 a.m. local time. 8:27 a.m., middle and high schools were cleared, following which the elementary school was evacuated and dismissed by 8:32 a.m. Press conference is scheduled for 10am CST (local time). Source: NBC Affiliate WHO

MASS SHOOTING – BOARD PRESIDENT PERRY HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT STATEMENT Linda Andorf: “It is horrendously awful. People need to figure out their life. This is just disgusting. It’s terrible.” Source: NBC NEWS

MASS SHOOTING AT PERRY HIGH SCHOOL | HELICOPTER EVACUATES VICTIMS Multiple victims reported in Iowa High School shooting, with medical helicopter spotted for evacuations. Shooting coincided with 1,785 students’ return from holiday break. Source: Associated Press

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