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Prague university shooting: People killed and injured, police say


Gunman opened fire in Jan Palach Square in the Czech capital as residents told to stay indoors

A shooting at a university in the center of Prague has left several people dead and dozens wounded, according to local police.

The exact number of fatalities was not immediately clear, but authorities said the shooter has been “eliminated” after the massacre. The entire area around Jan Palach Square has been cordoned off as first responders work to help the victims at Charles University’s Faculty of Arts.

“Based on initial information, we can confirm that there are dead and injured people at the scene,” police said in a statement on X. “We urge citizens not to stay in the immediate vicinity and not to leave the house.”

Prague university shooting: People killed and injured, police say

Footage from the scene showed students fleeing the building with their hands raised in the air. University employees were warned that the shooter might be moving around the building, one eyewitness told Radio Liberty.

Police have not yet released a description of the shooter, and it’s unclear what the motive could be.

Prague university shooting

A shooting in central Prague has left a number of people dead and dozens of others wounded.

Police gave no details about the victims or the circumstances of Thursday’s gunfire in the Czech Republic’s capital.

Interior Minister Vit Rakusan told Czech public television the person who opened fire was dead.

He said there is no other suspect at the scene and there is no imminent further danger but he urged people to cooperate with police.

Prague university shooting: People killed and injured, police say

Police said officers were deployed due to a shooting at a school in Jan Palach Square.

The philosophical faculty of Charles University, located at the square has been evacuated, Prague mayor Bohuslav Svoboda said.

The police department said the square has been sealed off and urged people also to leave the surrounding streets and stay inside.

Jana Postova, a spokesperson for Prague‘s rescue service, confirmed numerous people were injured but had no details.

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