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ICELAND VOLCANO LAVA THREATENS TOWN Eruption near Grindavík began just before 8 am, with lava advancing to within 450m (1/2 a mile) from the town. Large parts of the area are reportedly without power. EXPERTS: “The largest part of this fissure is north of the ramparts, and most of the lava flows to the west on the north side of the ramparts.” Fissure estimated at 1km; eruption projected to persist for months. Source: RUV

BREAKING: ICELAND VOLCANO ERUPTION A volcano on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula close to Reykjavik has erupted. It follows a series of overnight earthquakes in the region that caused the evacuation of residents from the local town of Grindavik. This marks the fifth eruption on the peninsula since 2021. Source: AFP, Reuters

In a significant development, a volcano on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, near Reykjavik, has erupted following a series of overnight earthquakes. This eruption marks the fifth on the peninsula since 2021 and comes after a previous fissure opened up in December, creating a river of lava. The seismic activity has led to the evacuation of residents from the town of Grindavik, situated about 70 kilometers southwest of Reykjavik.

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