Apple Design Chief to Reunite with Jony Ive at LoveFrom

Evan Hankey, Apple’s vice president of industrial design, will be leaving the company to join Jony Ive’s new design firm, LoveFrom. Hankey, who has played a key role in the design of several iconic Apple products, such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and AirPods, is expected to bring his expertise and vision to LoveFrom’s diverse range of projects.

Hankey joined Apple in 1995, and worked closely with Ive, who was the chief design officer of Apple until 2019. Hankey was part of the design team that created the original iMac, iPod, and iPhone, and later led the design of the iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Hankey also oversaw the design of Apple’s retail stores and campuses, including the Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino.

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Hankey is the latest in a series of departures from Apple’s design team, following Ive’s departure in 2019. Ive left Apple to start his own design firm, LoveFrom, which has a multi-year partnership with Apple as one of its clients. LoveFrom is also working with other clients, such as Airbnb, Honda, and the British National Health Service.

LoveFrom is described by Ive as “a collection of creatives that complement each other”. The firm’s name is inspired by a quote from Steve Jobs, who said that “one of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there”. LoveFrom’s mission is to create products and experiences that are “meaningful and enduring”.

Apple Design Chief to Reunite with Jony Ive at LoveFrom

Hankey’s decision to join LoveFrom is seen as a sign of his loyalty and friendship with Ive, as well as his passion for design. Hankey is expected to take on a senior role at LoveFrom, and collaborate with Ive and other designers on various projects. Hankey’s departure from Apple is also seen as a loss for the company, as he was one of the most experienced and influential members of the design team.

Apple has not announced a successor for Hankey, but it is likely that the company will promote someone from within the design team. Apple’s design team is currently led by Jeff Williams, the chief operating officer of Apple, who oversees both hardware and software design. Williams is supported by Alan Dye, the vice president of human interface design, and Evans Hankey, the vice president of hardware engineering.

Apple’s design team is facing some challenges and opportunities, as the company is expanding its product portfolio and entering new markets, such as augmented reality, electric vehicles, and health care. The company is also facing increased competition from other tech giants and startups, who are also investing in design and innovation. Apple’s design team is expected to continue its tradition of excellence and creativity, and deliver products and services that delight and inspire customers.

1. What prompted Evan Hankey, Apple’s vice president of industrial design, to join LoveFrom?

Evan Hankey’s departure from Apple to join Jony Ive’s design firm, LoveFrom, raises intriguing questions about his motivations and the dynamics behind this significant move. Having been an integral part of Apple’s design legacy, Hankey’s decision to reunite with Ive at LoveFrom suggests a deep connection beyond professional ties. This article delves into the factors driving Hankey’s transition and explores the implications for both Apple and LoveFrom.

The Apple Design Legacy

Evan Hankey’s journey at Apple commenced in 1995, coinciding with Jony Ive’s tenure as the chief design officer. Together, they contributed to the creation of iconic products like the iMac, iPod, and iPhone. Hankey’s role extended to leading the design of pivotal devices such as the iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and AirPods. The departure of Jony Ive in 2019 marked a turning point for Apple’s design team, triggering subsequent exits and restructuring.

LoveFrom’s Vision and Mission

LoveFrom, Jony Ive’s brainchild, is a creative collective with a mission inspired by Steve Jobs’s philosophy of making something wonderful for humanity. The firm, with Apple among its clients, aspires to craft enduring and meaningful products and experiences. This context sets the stage for understanding why Hankey, a seasoned designer, chose to contribute his expertise to LoveFrom’s diverse projects.

Apple Design Chief to Reunite with Jony Ive at LoveFrom

Loyalty, Friendship, and Passion

Hankey’s decision is not merely a professional move; it reflects his loyalty and friendship with Ive. Their collaboration dates back to the inception of groundbreaking Apple products. The move to LoveFrom signifies Hankey’s commitment to working alongside Ive and other designers in a creative endeavor driven by passion and a shared vision for design excellence.

Impact on Apple

Hankey’s departure leaves a void in Apple’s design team, losing one of its most experienced and influential members. While Apple has not announced a successor, the company is likely to promote from within its design team, led by Jeff Williams. The challenges and opportunities faced by Apple’s design team in expanding its product portfolio and navigating new markets further underscore the significance of Hankey’s departure.

2. How does LoveFrom’s collaborative approach align with Evan Hankey’s design philosophy?

Exploring the synergy between LoveFrom’s collaborative ethos and Evan Hankey’s design philosophy provides insights into the dynamics of creative partnerships within the firm. This article delves into LoveFrom’s unique approach and examines how Hankey’s expertise aligns with the collaborative spirit at the core of the design firm’s mission.

LoveFrom’s Collaborative Culture

LoveFrom, as described by Jony Ive, is a collection of creatives that complement each other. The firm’s commitment to collaboration is integral to its identity, fostering an environment where diverse talents converge to create something extraordinary. Understanding LoveFrom’s collaborative culture is crucial to appreciating Hankey’s role within this dynamic ecosystem.

Hankey’s Contribution to Collaboration

Evan Hankey’s extensive experience at Apple, working closely with Jony Ive, positions him as a seasoned collaborator in the realm of design. His involvement in the creation of various Apple products and oversight of design elements like retail stores and campuses underscores his ability to work seamlessly within a collaborative framework. LoveFrom stands to benefit from Hankey’s collaborative prowess.

Shared Vision for Creativity

The decision for Hankey to join LoveFrom is not just a professional move but a testament to shared values and a vision for creativity. LoveFrom’s mission to make something wonderful aligns with Hankey’s passion for design that is both meaningful and enduring. This alignment sets the stage for a collaborative journey that transcends individual contributions.

Building on Creative Bonds

The collaborative approach at LoveFrom extends beyond individuals—it is about building creative bonds that result in products and experiences that resonate with humanity. Hankey’s decision to take on a senior role at LoveFrom indicates a commitment to contributing to this collective vision. As he collaborates with Ive and other designers, the creative synergy within LoveFrom is poised to reach new heights.

3. What challenges and opportunities does Apple’s design team face in the wake of Evan Hankey’s departure?

Evan Hankey’s departure from Apple’s design team marks a pivotal moment, raising questions about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the tech giant’s design endeavors. This article explores the landscape that Apple’s design team navigates, considering the expanding product portfolio, entry into new markets, and heightened competition.

Expanding Product Portfolio

Apple’s design team faces the challenge and opportunity of expanding the company’s product portfolio. The departure of key figures like Hankey, coupled with the evolving tech landscape, necessitates strategic thinking in crafting designs that cater to diverse consumer needs. The team’s ability to innovate across a broad range of products will play a crucial role in maintaining Apple’s design legacy.

Entry into New Markets

The foray into new markets such as augmented reality, electric vehicles, and healthcare presents both challenges and opportunities. Designing products that seamlessly integrate into these evolving sectors requires a forward-thinking approach. Apple’s design team, under the leadership of Jeff Williams, must navigate uncharted territory while upholding the brand’s commitment to innovation and user experience.

Heightened Competition

The tech industry’s landscape is rife with competition, with other giants and startups investing heavily in design and innovation. Apple’s design team must not only meet but exceed the expectations set by competitors to maintain its position as a leader in the industry. Hankey’s departure adds to the complexity, highlighting the need for the team to leverage its collective expertise to stay ahead.

Tradition of Excellence and Creativity

Despite the challenges, Apple’s design team is expected to continue its tradition of excellence and creativity. The legacy of iconic products created under Hankey’s influence serves as a foundation for future endeavors. The team’s ability to uphold this tradition will be crucial in not only meeting market demands but also in setting new standards for design innovation.

4. How does LoveFrom’s multi-year partnership with Apple impact the dynamics of the design industry?

LoveFrom’s multi-year partnership with Apple introduces a unique dynamic to the design industry, intertwining the fates of the two entities. This article explores the implications of LoveFrom’s collaboration with Apple and the ripple effects it generates within the design landscape.

LoveFrom’s Collaborative Ventures

LoveFrom’s collaborative ventures with Apple signify a strategic alliance that goes beyond a traditional client-designer relationship. The multi-year partnership suggests a deeper level of engagement, where LoveFrom becomes an integral part of Apple’s design ecosystem. This dynamic has the potential to reshape how design firms collaborate with industry giants.

Impact on LoveFrom’s Portfolio

The collaboration with Apple undoubtedly influences LoveFrom’s portfolio. The projects undertaken in partnership with Apple contribute to shaping LoveFrom’s identity and creative output. The diverse range of projects, including those with other clients like Airbnb, Honda, and the British National Health Service, positions LoveFrom as a design firm with a broad and impactful reach.

Apple Design Chief to Reunite with Jony Ive at LoveFrom

Shaping Industry Standards

The LoveFrom-Apple partnership has the potential to set new standards within the design industry. The exchange of ideas, methodologies, and creative approaches between LoveFrom and Apple can influence how other design firms approach collaborations with major corporations. The impact extends beyond individual projects, contributing to the evolution of design practices on a broader scale.

Redefining Client-Designer Dynamics

The multi-year partnership challenges traditional notions of client-designer dynamics. LoveFrom’s involvement in Apple’s design processes indicates a level of trust and collaboration that transcends conventional boundaries. This shift has the potential to redefine how design firms engage with clients, emphasizing long-term partnerships and shared visions.

5. What role does Evan Hankey’s departure play in LoveFrom’s mission to create “meaningful and enduring” products and experiences?

Evan Hankey’s departure from Apple to join LoveFrom aligns with the design firm’s mission to create “meaningful and enduring” products and experiences. This article explores the pivotal role Hankey is expected to play in realizing LoveFrom’s mission and the implications for the firm’s creative endeavors.

Mission Alignment

LoveFrom’s mission, inspired by Steve Jobs’s philosophy, centers on creating products and experiences that are both meaningful and enduring. Hankey’s decision to join LoveFrom indicates a shared commitment to this mission. His extensive experience in designing iconic products at Apple positions him as a key player in actualizing LoveFrom’s vision.

Leveraging Hankey’s Expertise

Evan Hankey’s departure from Apple signifies a significant gain for LoveFrom. His expertise, honed through decades of design involvement in products like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, adds a valuable dimension to LoveFrom’s creative arsenal. Hankey’s contribution is expected to enhance the firm’s ability to craft experiences that resonate with users on a profound level.

Creativity and Innovation

LoveFrom’s emphasis on creativity and innovation aligns with Hankey’s design philosophy. His role in the creation of groundbreaking Apple products exemplifies a commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining user experiences. LoveFrom stands to benefit from Hankey’s ability to infuse creativity and innovation into its projects, further cementing its position as a design firm that delivers excellence.

Building on Established Bonds

Hankey’s decision to reunite with Jony Ive at LoveFrom signifies more than a professional move—it is a continuation of a creative journey built on established bonds. The collaboration between Hankey and Ive, rooted in their shared history at Apple, forms a foundation for realizing LoveFrom’s mission. Their synergy is poised to yield products and experiences that transcend the ordinary.

6. How does LoveFrom’s diverse range of projects reflect its identity as “a collection of creatives that complement each other”?

LoveFrom’s identity as “a collection of creatives that complement each other” comes to life through its diverse range of projects. This article explores the significance of LoveFrom’s project portfolio in shaping its identity and the ways in which the firm’s collaborative ethos manifests in the variety of endeavors undertaken.

Diverse Project Portfolio

LoveFrom’s project portfolio spans a wide spectrum, encompassing collaborations with Apple, Airbnb, Honda, and the British National Health Service. The diversity of projects reflects the firm’s ability to navigate various industries and creative domains. Each project becomes a canvas for the collective creativity that defines LoveFrom.

Complementary Creativity

The notion of creatives complementing each other is evident in the variety of projects undertaken by LoveFrom. Whether designing consumer electronics with Apple or contributing to healthcare solutions with the British National Health Service, the firm showcases a versatility that stems from the diverse skill sets and perspectives within its team.

Collaborative Synergy

LoveFrom’s collaborative synergy is not confined to a specific project type. Instead, it permeates through the entirety of its project portfolio. The ability of creatives to complement each other is not limited to a singular domain but extends across different industries and sectors. This adaptability defines LoveFrom’s identity as a dynamic and versatile design collective.

Impact on Creative Output

The collaborative nature of LoveFrom’s projects has a direct impact on its creative output. The diversity in project types ensures that the firm’s creatives are constantly exposed to new challenges and opportunities. This exposure contributes to a rich and varied creative output, positioning LoveFrom as a design firm capable of delivering innovation across multiple fronts.

7. How does Evan Hankey’s senior role at LoveFrom impact the firm’s collaborative dynamics?

Evan Hankey’s decision to take on a senior role at LoveFrom raises questions about the impact his leadership will have on the firm’s collaborative dynamics. This article explores the nuances of Hankey’s role and how it influences LoveFrom’s collaborative culture, considering his extensive experience and creative contributions.

Leadership in Collaboration

As Hankey assumes a senior role at LoveFrom, his leadership becomes a focal point in the firm’s collaborative endeavors. The dynamics of collaboration within a design firm are often influenced by leadership, and Hankey’s seasoned approach to design and collaboration positions him as a guiding force in shaping LoveFrom’s projects.

Mentorship and Guidance

Hankey’s senior role extends beyond individual projects; it encompasses mentorship and guidance for the entire creative team. His wealth of experience gained from years of collaboration with Jony Ive and involvement in Apple’s design legacy positions him as a mentor figure capable of steering LoveFrom’s creatives


LoveFrom’s diverse range of projects serves as a testament to its identity as “a collection of creatives that complement each other.” The variety in its portfolio, spanning collaborations with tech giants, hospitality brands, automotive companies, and healthcare institutions, highlights the firm’s ability to thrive in different creative landscapes. This article explores how LoveFrom’s identity as a collaborative collective finds expression in the diverse projects it undertakes.

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