Tesla has downsized by at least 14% this year, internal number shows

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Tesla’s Layoffs Continue: Headcount Slashed by Over 14%, CEO Musk Promises Equity for "Exceptional Performance"

Tesla’s ongoing downsizing continues to reshape the electric car giant, with internal records revealing that the company’s global workforce has shrunk to just over 121,000 employees, including temporary workers. This represents a reduction of more than 14% since the beginning of 2024, a significant figure even within the context of a broader tech industry downturn. While the company cites efficiency and restructuring as reasons for the cuts, some analysts believe the move underscores Tesla’s struggles with declining sales and a growing list of competitors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tesla’s headcount, as of June 17, has dropped to just over 121,000, reflecting a decline of more than 14% since the start of the year. This figure, derived from the company’s "everybody" email distribution list, suggests that the layoffs announced in April this year have continued to impact the company’s workforce.
  • The company’s decision to reinstitute performance-based equity awards for "exceptional performance" raises eyebrows, especially after previously pausing these grants. This move could be seen as an attempt to attract and retain top talent, particularly as Tesla faces increasing competition in the EV market.
  • Tesla’s falling sales and an aging lineup of electric vehicles continue to pose challenges for the company. A recent survey suggests that Tesla’s brand reputation is also declining, partly due to CEO Elon Musk’s public persona and controversial statements. The company’s first-quarter revenue dropped by 9%, the largest decline since 2012.
  • The timing of the layoffs coincides with the slow down in EV sales growth. While Tesla’s Model Y was the top-selling car worldwide in 2023, the company has been hit hard by the slowing global market.
  • Tesla’s future remains uncertain. The company’s upcoming "Master Plan" announcement, along with the unveiling of its "dedicated robotaxi" design, could offer insights into its strategic direction and future growth plans.

The news of Tesla’s continued layoffs comes as a shock to some, given the company’s previously stellar performance in the EV industry. The move highlights the vulnerability of even market leaders in a rapidly evolving sector.

The Impact on Tesla

The cuts are not limited to specific departments; they span across the company, impacting both factory workers and employees in key departments like Supercharging. While Tesla has since re-hired some employees from the dismantled Supercharging team, the move raised concerns about the company’s organizational stability.

The layoffs have sparked anxiety among Tesla employees, with some fearing further cuts in the coming months. The company’s second-quarter production and deliveries report, expected in the first week of July, will provide a clearer picture of the company’s financial performance and its potential impact on employment levels.

The Broader Context

While Tesla’s layoffs are significant, they are not isolated. The tech industry as a whole has experienced a wave of downsizing and staff reductions, with companies like Meta, Google, and Amazon shedding thousands of jobs. This trend is attributed to a range of factors, including slowing economic growth, a decline in consumer demand for tech products and services, and the rise of AI and automation, which threaten to displace human workers.

However, Tesla’s layoffs are particularly noteworthy due to the company’s unique position as a leader in the EV market. The cuts raise questions about the company’s long-term strategy and its ability to maintain its competitive edge in a market that is becoming increasingly crowded and complex.

A Shift in Focus?

Elon Musk has repeatedly emphasized his commitment to efficiency and innovation, stating that the layoffs are necessary to prepare Tesla for the next phase of growth. This "reorganization" could involve a shift in the company’s focus towards automation, artificial intelligence, and new technologies like its planned robotaxi service.

Musk has also said that the "Master Plan" will offer a detailed roadmap for the company’s future. The reveal of the "dedicated robotaxi" design on August 8 provides another potential milestone, hinting at Tesla’s ambition to expand beyond its current core market of electric vehicles.

The Future of Tesla

The impact of the layoffs and the company’s strategic shifts on Tesla’s long-term success remains to be seen. The company’s commitment to innovation, paired with its ongoing cost optimization efforts, could position it for continued growth. However, the challenges posed by tightening regulations, rising competition, and a constantly evolving economic climate could test its resilience.

The coming months will be crucial for Tesla, as the company navigates these uncertainties and seeks to maintain its position as a leader in the global EV market.

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