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Agendaai Key Features:

1. Automated meeting agenda creation: Agendaaibased automatically generates comprehensive and well-structured meeting agendas by analyzing participants, their roles, and meeting objectives.
2. Automated meeting scheduling: The tool integrates with participants’ calendars and finds optimal meeting times, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication and sending out meeting invites automatically.
3. Enhanced productivity: Agendaaibased streamlines workflow and enhances efficiency for professionals across various industries, catering to teams of any size.
4. Freemium model with premium features: Users can access basic features at no cost, but can unlock additional functionalities by subscribing to the premium version for a monthly fee of $8/mo.

Agendaai Use Cases:

/ productivity

Agendaai Review

AgendaAIbased is an advanced AI tool designed to revolutionize the way meetings are conducted and managed. With its cutting-edge technology, this tool automatically creates meeting agendas, saving valuable time and effort for professionals across various industries.

Gone are the days of manually drafting meeting agendas and wasting precious minutes in brainstorming sessions. Agendaaibased simplifies the process by analyzing the meeting participants, their roles, and the objectives of the meeting. Using this information, it generates a comprehensive and well-structured agenda that ensures a productive discussion.

The tool also acts as an Automated Meeting Scheduler, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication to find a suitable meeting time. By integrating with participants’ calendars and considering their availability, Agendaaibased finds the optimal time slot for the meeting and sends out invites automatically.

Agendaaibased falls under the category of business/productivity tools, making it an essential asset for professionals looking to enhance their efficiency and streamline their workflow. It caters to teams of any size, from small startups to large corporations, and can be utilized across various industries.

While Agendaaibased offers a freemium model, providing basic features at no cost, users can unlock additional functionalities by subscribing to the premium version. With a monthly

Agendaai Pros & Cons:


1. Agendaaibased saves time and effort by automatically generating comprehensive and well-structured meeting agendas.
2. The tool eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication by integrating with participants’ calendars and finding optimal meeting times.
3. Agendaaibased enhances productivity and workflow efficiency for professionals across various industries, catering to teams of any size.


1. Lack of human intuition and creativity: While AI tools like Agendaaibased can automate the process of creating meeting agendas, they may lack the human touch and intuition that can come with brainstorming and discussing ideas with colleagues. This could result in less innovative and dynamic agendas.

2. Limited customization options: AI tools are programmed to follow specific algorithms and rules, which may limit the level of customization that users can have with their meeting agendas. This could be a drawback for professionals who prefer a more personalized and tailored approach to their meetings.

3. Reliance on technology: AI tools are dependent on technology and can be prone to technical glitches or errors. If Agendaaibased or any other AI tool experiences technical difficulties, it could disrupt the workflow and lead to delays or confusion in scheduling and conducting meetings.

Agendaai Pricing


$ 8/mo

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