9 Best AI Music Generators (February 2024)

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, the realm of music production has witnessed a significant transformation.

The emergence of AI music generators has revolutionized the way musicians, content creators, and developers approach their craft. In this article, we will explore the nine best AI music generators available in February 2024. These cutting-edge tools offer an array of features and functionalities that cater to various needs and preferences.

Whether you are seeking a user-friendly interface, a vast library of pre-recorded samples, or the ability to compose soundtracks for different media, these AI music generators have got you covered. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the world of AI-generated music and discover the possibilities that lie ahead.

Amper Music

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Amper Music stands out as an easy-to-use AI music generator that empowers content creators and developers to effortlessly create customized musical tracks. It is particularly suitable for beginners in AI music generation, as its user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it accessible to those with limited technical expertise.

When comparing Amper Music to Soundful, another popular AI music generation platform, it becomes clear that both platforms prioritize user friendliness. However, Amper Music offers a more comprehensive and customizable experience.

With Amper Music, users have the ability to modify music keys, tempo, and individual instruments, allowing for greater control over the final product. Additionally, Amper Music’s cloud-based platform ensures seamless collaboration and easy access to the generated music from anywhere.

Overall, Amper Music proves to be a top choice for beginners in AI music generation, providing a user-friendly and customizable platform for creating unique musical tracks.


AIVA, an impressive AI music generator developed in 2016, has revolutionized the process of composing soundtracks for ads, video games, movies, and more. Utilizing advanced AI music composition techniques, AIVA can develop music from scratch or produce variations of existing songs.

This eliminates the need for content creators and developers to worry about music licensing processes. AIVA offers many presets and a functional free version, making it a valuable tool for professionals and beginners alike. Its unique features and benefits include the ability to generate high-quality soundtracks quickly and efficiently, saving both time and resources.

AIVA’s AI-powered technology ensures that the music it produces is original, avoiding the replication of existing songs. With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, AIVA empowers content creators and developers to create captivating and unique audio experiences.


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Soundful, another AI-powered tool for generating royalty-free background music, offers an intuitive process of choosing a genre and customizing inputs, making it an ideal choice for producers, creators, and brands. With Soundful, users have a wide range of customization options and genre selections to create unique, original music that will not replicate existing songs.

What sets Soundful apart is its ability to match the needs of various industries, providing studio-quality music that fits seamlessly into any project. Moreover, Soundful offers affordable pricing, making it accessible to creators on any budget.

This combination of customization options, genre selection, and affordability makes Soundful a valuable tool for anyone in need of high-quality background music for their productions.

Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music stands out as an AI music generator that offers a straightforward interface and a wide selection of scenes, emotions, and genres to compose music for videos or games. With its AI music customization features, users can easily tailor the music to suit their specific needs. Whether it’s creating an intense soundtrack for a thrilling video game or a soothing melody for a serene video, Ecrett Music provides the tools to bring these visions to life.

Here are four reasons why Ecrett Music is a top choice for AI music for video games:

  1. Versatile Genres: Ecrett Music offers a diverse range of genres, allowing game developers to find the perfect musical style to match the atmosphere and theme of their games.
  2. Customizable Instruments: Users can easily customize the instruments used in their compositions, giving them the flexibility to create unique and immersive soundscapes.
  3. Emotional Depth: Ecrett Music understands the importance of evoking emotions in video games. With its wide selection of scenes and emotions, it enables users to create music that resonates with players and enhances their gaming experience.
  4. Royalty-Free Music: Ecrett Music provides royalty-free music, eliminating any licensing issues and allowing game developers to focus on creating engaging and immersive gameplay.


creative sound design software

Soundraw is an AI music generator that offers a unique and intuitive process for creating royalty-free background music. What sets Soundraw apart is its extensive customization features and flexibility.

Users have the ability to adjust various elements of the music, such as tempo, key, and instrumentation, allowing for a truly personalized composition. Additionally, Soundraw seamlessly integrates with popular editing software, such as Google Chrome and Premiere Pro, making the music production process even more efficient. This integration enables users to easily incorporate the generated music into their projects without any hassle.

With unlimited downloads available in the subscription plan, Soundraw provides an affordable and convenient solution for acquiring high-quality background music. Its improvisation and tuning capabilities further enhance the user’s creative control, making Soundraw a valuable tool for content creators, filmmakers, and brands.


Continuing the exploration of AI music generators, the next tool worth discussing is Boomy, which offers a unique approach to creating original songs in seconds. Boomy distinguishes itself by providing creators with the potential to earn streaming revenues from various platforms. Here is a comparison of the customization features in Boomy and Soundraw:

  1. Revenue potential: Boomy allows creators to monetize their music by generating songs that can be streamed on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. This opens up opportunities for artists to earn income from their AI-generated compositions.
  2. Customization features: Boomy offers a range of customization options, allowing users to tailor their songs to their specific preferences. From adjusting the tempo and key to selecting different instruments and adding effects, Boomy provides a high level of control over the music creation process.
  3. Reject or save: Boomy gives users the option to accept or reject the generated songs. If they are not satisfied with the result, they can simply discard it and generate a new one. Alternatively, they can save the songs they like and further refine them.
  4. Personalized profile: Boomy provides users with a personalized profile that helps in creating the best music. The profile takes into account the user’s preferences, style, and previous creations, allowing Boomy to generate more tailored and fitting compositions.

With its revenue potential and robust customization features, Boomy offers a compelling option for creators looking to experiment with AI-generated music.


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Loudly stands out as an advanced AI music generator that harnesses the power of over 170,000 curated audio loops and expert collaboration to create musically meaningful compositions. Its unique blend of expert systems and generative adversarial networks allows users to easily create AI-generated songs with a high level of customization.

The impact of AI-generated music on the music industry is significant, as it opens up new possibilities and challenges traditional notions of music creation. AI music generators like Loudly provide musicians and producers with a tool to explore innovative sounds and styles, pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Collaboration between music teams and machine learning (ML) experts plays a crucial role in the development of AI music generators. The expertise of music professionals combined with the technical knowledge of ML experts ensures that the generated compositions are not only musically coherent but also meet the artistic vision of the creators.

This collaboration enables the AI to learn from and adapt to the nuances of human music-making, resulting in more authentic and compelling compositions.

AI Music GeneratorsFeaturesBenefits
LoudlyOver 170,000 curated audio loopsHigh level of customization
 Collaboration between music teams and ML expertsMusically meaningful compositions
 Expert systems and generative adversarial networksPushes the boundaries of creativity
 Easy to use toolExplores innovative sounds and styles


The next AI music generator to be explored is WavTool, a powerful web-based tool that offers a wide range of features for recording, composing, producing, mixing, and mastering music within the browser. WavTool stands out for its browser-based music production tools and AI-powered music composition and guidance. Here are four key aspects of WavTool:

  1. Advanced Features: WavTool provides side-chain compression, advanced synthesis, and flexible signal routing, giving users the tools they need to create professional-quality music.
  2. Conductor AI: WavTool’s Conductor AI is a standout feature that provides explanations, suggestions, and guidance in plaintext English. It guides users through the music-making process and provides recommendations to improve the sound of the music.
  3. Seamless Workflow: WavTool allows users to record, compose, produce, mix, master, and export their music all within the browser. This streamlines the music production process and eliminates the need for multiple software programs.
  4. Instant Feedback: WavTool instantly makes changes to improve the sound of the music based on user input. This allows for real-time experimentation and adjustment, resulting in more efficient and effective music creation.

Amadeus Code

music composition ai platform

Amadeus Code revolutionizes music creation by harnessing the power of AI to quickly generate new melodies and chord progressions. With its IOS-based app, Amadeus Code provides an easy and accessible platform for musicians and creators to explore their musical ideas.

One of the standout features of Amadeus Code is its support for gesture-based song creation. Users can use intuitive gestures to create brand new songs or recreate specific segments, making the process of composing music more interactive and engaging.

Additionally, Amadeus Code allows users to export their creations as audio and MIDI files, enabling seamless integration with audio editing software and providing musicians with the flexibility to further refine their compositions. By combining AI technology with user-friendly features like gesture-based song creation and exporting capabilities, Amadeus Code empowers musicians to unleash their creativity and bring their musical vision to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the AI Music Generator in Amper Music Specifically Modify Music Keys, Tempo, and Individual Instruments?

Amper Music’s AI music generator allows for the modification of music keys, tempo, and individual instruments, enhancing the generated music.

Through its easy-to-use interface, users can adjust the key of the composition to match their desired tone or mood. The tempo can also be modified, allowing for the creation of fast-paced or slow, melodic tracks.

Additionally, users have the flexibility to select and customize individual instruments, giving the music a unique sound and texture. These features enable users to create original compositions tailored to their specific needs.

What Are the Different Presets and Functionalities Offered by AIva’s AI Music Generator?

AIVA’s AI music generator offers a wide range of presets and functionalities to cater to various needs. It stands out in terms of quality and user friendliness compared to other popular AI music generators.

Professionals in different industries have utilized AIVA’s AI music generator for real-world applications such as composing soundtracks for ads, video games, movies, and more. Its ability to develop music from scratch or produce variations of existing songs, coupled with its ease of use, makes it a valuable tool for content creators and developers.

How Does Soundful’s Ai-Powered Tool Ensure That the Generated Music Is Unique and Does Not Replicate Existing Songs?

Soundful’s AI-powered tool ensures that the generated music is unique and does not replicate existing songs by employing advanced techniques to analyze and understand existing music.

By utilizing deep learning algorithms, the AI system can identify patterns, structures, and elements of existing songs, allowing it to create original compositions that are distinct.

However, challenges may arise in creating truly unique compositions due to the vast amount of existing music available and the limitations of AI algorithms. Nevertheless, Soundful strives to provide customized and original music that meets the needs of producers, creators, and brands.

What Are the Different Scenes, Emotions, and Genres AvAIlable in Ecrett Music’s AI Music Generator?

Ecrett Music’s AI music generator offers a wide range of options in terms of scenes, emotions, and genres. Users can choose from various moods such as happy, sad, calm, or intense, and explore different musical styles like pop, rock, electronic, or classical.

Additionally, the platform provides customizable arrangements, allowing users to tailor the music to their specific needs. With its integration capabilities with other music software, Ecrett Music enables seamless collaboration and enhances the creative process. The AI music generator’s potential for creativity and innovation in music composition and production is vast, although it may also present limitations and challenges in achieving truly original compositions.

In What Ways Does Soundraw’s AI Music Generator Allow for Improvisation and Tuning of the Music?

Soundraw’s AI music generator allows for improvisation and tuning of the music through its combination of AI compositions and manual tools. Users can customize and adjust various elements of the generated music, such as tempo, key, and instrumentation, to achieve the desired sound.

This flexibility empowers musicians to add their personal touch and adapt the music to their specific needs. By blending the capabilities of AI with human creativity, Soundraw enables a collaborative and dynamic approach to music composition.


In conclusion, the advancements in artificial intelligence have revolutionized the music industry, providing content creators and developers with a wide range of AI music generators to choose from. Each of the nine tools mentioned in this article offers unique features and functionalities that cater to different music production needs.

Whether it’s creating background music for videos or composing soundtracks for media, these AI music generators empower users to effortlessly produce high-quality, original music. With the help of AI, the possibilities for creating unique compositions are endless.

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